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( Originally Published Early 1900's )

Rooms devoted to sleeping purposes should above all things be light, cheerful, and thoroughly ventilated. A third of our lives is necessarily spent in these rooms, and where the current practice of reserving the parlor for company " obtains, a great deal more. An ample supply of fresh air should be secured at all times and everywhere, but its necessity is peculiarly urgent in the case of bedrooms. We are much more susceptible to injurious influences when asleep than when awake, and these accumulate with startling rapidity in an unventilated chamber in which two or more per-sons spend the night. An excellent plan is to open the window above and below lowering the upper sash, with an opening over the door, is also very effective. But if the bedroom have no fireplace, it should be connected by tubes with the chimney-flue. At the same time the prevalent notion that a bedroom to be healthful must be cold, is altogether mistaken. No room should be slept in in winter that has not had a fire in it at least three times a week, and it is all the more wholesome if it have one every day. Warmth is in itself necessary to any thorough ventilation ; and the temperature of a bedroom should not be suffered to fall below 40.

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