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Adam And Eve

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

To the Scriptural account of the creation and fall of Adam and Eve, the later Jewish writers in the Talmud have made many additions. According. to them, the stature of Adam, when first created, reached to the heavens, while the splendor of his countenance surpassed that of the sun. The very angels stood in awe of him, and all creatures hastened to worship him. Then the Lord, in order to show the angels his power, caused a sleep to fall upon Adam, and removed a portion of every limb. He thus lost his vast stature, but remained perfect and complete. His first wife was Lilith, the mother of demons ; but she fled from him, and after-ward Eve was created for him. At the marriage of Adam and Eve angels were present, some playing on musical instruments, others serving up delicious viands, while the sun, moon, and stars danced together. The happiness of the human pair excited envy among the angels, and the seraph Sammael tempted them, and succeeded in leading them to their fall from innocence. According to time Koran, all the angels paid homage to Adam excepting Eblis, who, on account of his refusal, was expelled from Paradise. To gratify his revenge, Eblis seduced Adam and Eve, and they were separated. Adam was penitent, and lived in a tent on the site of the Temple of Mecca, where he was instructed in the divine commandments by the Archangel Gabriel. After two hundred years of separation, he again found Eve on Mount Arafat.

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