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Bacon's Castle

( Originally Published 1932 )

Bacon's Castle is a perfect example of Tudor architecture. Its curved gables, jutting bays, steep roof, massive walls and cluster chimneys mark it as early colonial; while its deep window seats, wainscoted walls and low ceilings make the rooms exceedingly picturesque. Bacon's Castle was built by Arthur Allen, who came to Virginia from England in 1646. He left the plantation to his son, Major Arthur Allen, sometime speaker of the Virginia House of Burgesses.

During Bacon's Rebellion the home of Major Allen, who was a friend of Governor Berkeley's, was seized, fortified and used as a stronghold by a party of Bacon's adherents. Hence the name Bacon's Castle.

About a quarter of a mile from the Castle are the ivy-grown walls, beautiful ruins of old Lawne's Creek Parish Church. It is a matter of record that the men of Surry met in this old colonial church to protest against being taxed by officers of the government. This was one hundred years before the Declaration of Independence.

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