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Abingdon Church

( Originally Published 1932 )

This old church stands in a walnut grove near the road leading from Gloucester Point to Gloucester Court House. It is the second known church at this spot. The first church was built about 1651, upon land donated by Augustine Warner. Some remains of the foundation may still be traced close to the present building, which is much larger. The old church was used for one hundred years, when it became unsafe and was replaced by the present building, probably completed about 1750. As the plantation of Addison Lewis was called Abingdon, it has been assumed that he gave additional land and that the church was named for the plantation.

The old cemetery, containing several tombstones carved with coats-of-arms, has been enlarged several times, and has had its brick walls replaced, the last time by Joseph Bryan, who also defrayed the expense of restoring the edifice.

In the early days the congregation of Abingdon included Mildred Warner, who married Lawrence Washington and was the grandmother of George Washington.

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