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( Originally Published 1932 )

At the head of Ware River, in Gloucester County, is Goshen. The date of the original part of the house is not definitely known, but various authorities have put it between 1750 and 1760. Originally, the house consisted of a large, wainscoted room on each side of a central hall. In 1856 a back building was built, and five years ago a wing was added at each end. The yard and lawn in which there are about fifteen acres, stretches from the garden in the front to the river at the back, and contains the original old smokehouse and one of the old slave quarters, "Mam' Becky's house."

A walk between large crepe myrtles and other shrubs is all that remains of the old garden, and around this the present garden has been laid out. About a hundred years ago the place came into the possession of the Perrin family, and is at present owned by Mr. and Mrs. George McCubbin of Baltimore, the latter being a descendant of the Perrin family.

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