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White Marsh

( Originally Published 1932 )

White Marsh, which is on the Tidewater Trail in Gloucester County, is believed to have been built about 1800; and in 1820 John Tabb, son of Philip Tabb, of Toddsbury, bought out his sister-in-law's portion of the estate, and with his wife, who was Matilda Prosser, went there to live. It was then that the really marvelous trees were planted and the garden laid out. The approach is through an avenue of fine old trees, and the house is surrounded by a grove which includes almost every variety that grows in this part of the South-among the particularly fine ones are a Japanese Jinkgo, English and Irish yews, a mahogany, and a number of magnolia grandiflora. The terraced garden at the back overlooks a beautiful stretch of meadow land, with Ware River in the distance. About thirty years ago the portico was added and the interior changed, the old staircase being replaced by a modern one.

A great deal of box has been planted by the present owner, Mr. H. M. Baruch, of New York.

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