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( Originally Published 1932 )

Reveille is one of the oldest houses in or about Richmond. It is situated on the Cary Street Road near the city limits. Although there are no records to show the exact date of its erection, as early as 1791 it was known as the Old Brick House Tract. According to tradition it got its military name during the Revolution, but the name is not recorded in deed books until 1852, when the deed of sale refers to "All that certain tract lying on the north side of Westham Plank Road known as the Brick House Tract-now called Reveille."

Reveille changed hands about ten times in seventy years-too often to be identified with any one family-until a few years after the War Between the States, when it passed into the possession of Dr. R. A. Patterson.

The original portion of the house, square, with thick walls and gable roof, remains practically untouched. A wing on the side was added, it is said, about one hundred years ago. Beyond this a kitchen wing has been built recently by the present owner, which corresponds as nearly as possible with the old part of the house.

Never a mansion, Reveille is beautiful only because of its simplicity and its lovely garden; its best architectural feature being the wide hall and the delicate tracery at the end of the steps.

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