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Stamps - Ye Editor's Corner

( Originally Published 1893 )

WITH this number we take great pleasure in presenting to our numerous readers a "counterfeit" of Mr. Walter A. Withrow, a young and rising Philatelist of Indiana. Mr. Withrow resides on a beautiful farm near Earl Park.

He was born August 27th, 1875, at Kentland. Indiana, and in the year 1882 moved to Minnesota, where, very unfortunately, the blizzards " froze him down," for lie is quite small for his age.

He moved back to the " Hoosier " State in 1887, and contracted the stamp fever in the following year. He has not yet recovered from this attack. He is an author of some ability, and is a liberal contributor to Philatelic publications, and also to the leading magazines of the day. He has an article on the adhesive postage stamps of the United States now running in this magazine, and is preparing one on the provisional issues of the United States, which it is our intention to publish soon.

He deals extensively in United States stamps, and unlike many dealers, he managed to get together a fine collection of these, which he recently disposed of, with the exception of a few gems, among them two of the 1861 3c. pink, a beautiful copy each of the 1868 and 1869 goc., the latter one of the finest copies extant, two uncatalogued Confederates, etc.

It is his intention to make the United States document revenues his specialty, and he now has a fine collection, including one uncatalogued specimen.

He is a member of the A. P. A., S. of P., and the founding member of the American Philatelic Dealers' and Collectors' Association.


WE desire to call the attention of our readers to two slight mistakes which accidentally occurred in our first number, and which are very important. In Mr. Guy W. Green's poem, " A Re-awakened Love," the line reading "I found my aged album there" should have been " I found my aged album then"; and in Mr. R. W. Ashcroft's article " Does it Pay ? " " E. Y. Parker " should have been " E. T. Parker."


WE have noticed quite recently some writings and notes referring to the names and data of certain prominent collectors and dealers having been left out of the " Blue Book," and which were intended to be " thrusts " at the publisher of it.

Now this is doing him an injustice, as he gave all active Philatelists, both collectors and dealers, every possible chance that could be offered them to have their names inserted. The blame rests with themselves and not him, as it was through their own neglect and not his that their names did not appear.

This is one of the causes why there are not more names in this valuable book.


WE are sorry to say that as yet we are unable to give our readers an illustrated chronicle in colors. In another part of our magazine will be found the " New Issues and Unchronicled Varieties with the illustrations in black, of such stamps as we were able to procure.

As it is an utter impossibility to give illustrations of stamps when we have not got them, we earnestly appeal to our readers to send us a specimen of any new issue as soon as it appears. We need, at the least, six varieties before we can give a colored plate.


THE date for the coming convention of The Sons of Philatelia is rapidly drawing nigh. and all its members are on the qui vive, and working with untiring efforts for their respective candidates.

We sincerely hope that its members when voting will not lose sight of the fact that this society was, and is, and always will be, for the younger followers of Philatelia, and vote for those whose right it is to hold office, namely, the young collectors.

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