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Chimney Care

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

1. Chimneys, How to Build to Avoid Burning Out.--When building chimneys, keep a mortar-board of mortar for the purpose of plastering them upon the inside as the work goes on, tempered up by adding one-fourth as much common salt as of mortar, which forms a glaze that soot can not stick to, and hence there is none to burn. "Prevention is better than cure."

2. Chimneys, to Build to Avoid Smoking.-A builder of long experience says: " To build a chimney that shall not smoke, give a large space immediately above the throat, which will cause a draft. It may then be narrowed, if desirable." This is good logic. -

3. Chimneys, Sky-lights, etc., to Stop Leaks.—Take fine, white sand, 20 measures; litharge, 2; freshly slacked lime, 1; mix evenly together, dry; then wet to the consistence of soft putty with boiled linseed oil. It sets quickly, and forms a hard and durable cement.

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