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Miscellaneous Household Tips

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

Cracked Hands, To Cure.—A laboring man who had been troubled with cracked hands, and tried many other remedies without success, was finally told to put common copal varnish into the cracks which, in 48 hours, entirely cured them. Others came, but the same remedy always cured. He had given it to others with the same success before making it public. He bought a 10-cent bottte, kept it corked, and applied when needed with a bit of sliver from the fire wood. It is simple and efficient. Most all painters and paint dealers keep it.

Finger Marks Quickly Removed from Mirrors, Windows, etc.—Putting a few drops of ammonia on a cloth will do the work admirably. The same also from doors about the locks and latches. Take the cloth in such a way as not to irritate the fingers with the strong ammonia. See "Ammonia—Its Uses, etc."

Coffee-Pots, Tea-Pots, Tin Saucepans, Etc., To Clean Inside. —When the inside of a coffee or tea-pot has become black from long use, fill it with soft water; throw in a small piece of hard soap, and boil it from 1/2 to 1 hour; and it will be as "bright as a new button," without labor or expense. When tin sauce-pans become grimmy ".or dark from use, do the same with them, and you will be pleased with the result. Cover while boiling. Then scald out well and all is complete.

Rust, to Remove from Stovepipe.—Rub a very little raw linseed oil upon it, which stops its further eating; then dry it with a moderate fire, after which polish may be used if desired; but polish does not stop the deeper corrosion, or eating into the pipe; hence, after a little, it will again show through the polish, unless the oil is first used.

Barrels and Other Wooden Vessels, to Cleanse.—Barrels for wine, or cider, also vessels for culinary purposes, holding food, etc., are rendered fit for immediate use by a solution of sal-soda, says the Journal of Chemistry, thus: " An ordinary barrel should be filled half full of water, and a solution of about 2 lbs. of the soda in as much water as will dissolve it, poured in, and the liquids thoroughly mixed by shaking the barrel, which should then be filled to the bung with water, and allowed to remain from 12 to 14 hours; then, after withdrawing the discolored liquid, it should be well rinsed and filled with. pure water, and should remain a few hours more, when it will be fit for use, Other wooden utensils may be similarly treated.

Remarks.—The soda should be fully dissolved in 3 or 4 qts. of water, by heat, before putting in. If not much musty, 1 lb. of soda will do.

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