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Cleaning Cess Pools

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

Cess Pools Disinfected Instantly.—Prof. Thos, Taylor reports that 1 table-spoonful of spirits of turpentine in 1 pail of water will disinfect an ,ordinary cess pool instantly, and that in the sick chamber it will prove a powerful auxiliary against germs and bad odors.

Remarks.—Then, I think, 2 or 3 spoonfuls to the pail of water would be equally effective for a water-closet—privy.

Oil on the Water has Enabled Vessels to Outride Storms at Sea.—The schooner George Sherman was reported, May 30, 1884, by the Chicago papers, to have ridden out the gale on Lake Michigan that week by pouring on the water 12 gaIIons of linseed oil, which calmed the waves for a distance of half a mile from the ship. This is, no doubt, true, but wonderful all the same—one of the mysteries of nature-Nature's God.

Remarks.—If sailors do not have opportunity to read this, their friends may, and communicate it to them.

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