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Cures For Toothaches

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

Toothache Drops, Japanese, Magical.—To quiet the pains in an aching tooth nothing can excel Japanese Drops. The formula (recipe) is:

Put together equal parts of creosote, chloroform, carbolic acid (liquid), oil of peppermint, oil of cloves, and oil of camphor (camphorated oil, kept by drug-gists). The result is a liquid that will give almost instant relief, if applied on a bit of cotton to the cavity of an aching tooth, and yet is no more fiery in the mouth than oil of cloves would be. The drops smell most strongly of creosote, while peppermint predominates in the taste. It is best to swallow as little as possible of the mixture."—Country Gentleman.

Remarks.—This properly belongs to the Medical Department, but it is too good to lose, and hence I put it here. A little of it might be rubbed on the gum, but if you get too much about the mouth it will irritate it and make it sore. So only wet a small bit of cotton to put in the tooth, not to have an overplus to run out. See also " Headache Cure, Magical." I have found it the most magical of anything I ever tried for the headache.

Rum Sherbert.—Rub loaf sugar over the rinds of 3 fresh oranges. To 3 qts. of water, add the juice of 1 doz. large oranges; sweeten to taste with loaf sugar (any white sugar will do), using also the sugar rubbed over the oranges; flavor highly with rum, and freeze. Grated pineapple may be added when it is partly frozen, if liked.

Remarks.—I should like it better as a drink, rather than to freeze and eat.

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