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( Originally Published Early 1900's )

PLANTAINS, Etc.—To Destroy on the Lawns.—The country gentleman tells us to destroy these pests by dropping carefully a simple drop of sulphuric acid into the center of the plant. One drop will do the business; more will be likely to do harm.

Remarks.—The harm would be in its spreading to kill grass. The best way to do it carefully is to get what druggists call a "dropper." A small glass tube, having one end small and bent, while at the other end is a small rubber bulb; but you must be careful, also, not to take up acid enough to reach the bulb, as it would destroy that as well as the plants; and your clothes or fingers too, if you get it upon them. I like to see the dandelions in blossom; but they spread so fast 'tis well to destroy them. It must be done as soon after they come up as possible, lest they get too large for a single drop.

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