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( Originally Published Early 1900's )

PAPERING.—Making the Paste, etc.—As many people desire to do their own papering, a few hints will not be amiss:

1. Walls that have been white-washed may be papered by first wetting the walls well with alum water, 1 lb. to 2 gals. of water, and letting dry before-papering.

II. Trim one edge off with the shears, and match the pattern as you cut off the lengths.

III. Make the paste the day before it is wanted to have it cold when applied to the paper. A gal. or 5 gts. will be needed fora room requiring 12 to 14 roils. Mix a little over 1 pt. of flour into a thin dough, and thin down to to avoid lumps; put then 1 gal. of water into a kettle, and when it boils, pour in the thin, hot batter and stir to avoid burning until it boils again; then pour into a tin pail or pan and let stand till next day, and if lumpy, strain and press through a coarse muslin, and proceed with the papering. Rub out carefully with a towel all wind puffs, to avoid wrinkles when dry.

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