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Cure For Stammering

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

STAMMERING-to Cure.-A gentleman who had stammered from childhood to nearly manhood, gives the plan that cured him, as follows: He-says, go' into a room where you will be quiet and alone, get some books that will interest but not excite you, and sit down and read 2 hours aloud to your-self, keeping your teeth together. Do the same thing every 2 or 3 days, or once a week if very tiresome, always taking care to read slowly and distinctly, moving the lips but not the teeth. Then, when conversing with others, try to speak as slowly and distinctly as possible, and making up your mind you will. not stammer. Well, I tried this remedy, not having much faith in it, I must confess, but willing to do most anything- to cure myself of such an annoying difficulty. Iread for 2 hours aloud with my teeth together. The first result was to make my tongue and jaws ache, that is while I was reading, and the next to make me feel as if something had loosened my talking apparatus, for I could speak with less difficulty immediately. The change was so great that every one who knew me remarked it. I repeated the remedy every 5 or 6 days for a month, and then at longer intervals until cured.

Remarks.—It will be found tiresome at first, but, no doubt effectual if faithfully done, observing the rules, to speak slowly and distinctly in after conversation as well as while reading; and I should think it important also, for some time at least, to keep the teeth shut while talking, as it gives something new to engage the mind in place of the old habit of hesitation which started the habit of stammering. 'Tis worthy of a fair, and if need be a long trial.

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