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Destroying Fungus

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

FUNGUS—In Cellars, to Destroy.—The use of sulphur to destroy fungoid growths in greenhouses and vineries is well known to horticulturists. The same remedy may be applied to destroy fungus and mould in cellars, in many of which it exists to such en extent as to damage produce stored there. Take some stick sulphur, generally called brimstone, but 'tis only sulphur is stick form, and place in a pan and set fire to it, on al pan or kettle of coals is the best plan; close the doors, making the cellar as nearly air-tight as possible for a few hours, when the fungi will be destroyed and the mould dried up. Repeat this simple and inexpensive operation every 2 as 3 months, and the celtar will be free from all parasitical growth.

Remarks. —I do not know the writer of this item, but I know the plan will accomplish the work. Fungus is a parasitical growth of living bits of animal life, meaning one only of the animals of which fungi is the plural, and means the mass of these actual living growths.

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