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( Originally Published Early 1900's )

Bread, Why We Butter It.—The layers of the wheat berry, as we proceed towards the center, become more and more completely starchy, and at the center but little else is found, and this portion makes our finest flour (super-fine). The finer the flour the less fit it is for nutrition. In its natural state, the wheat, with all its components present, is not fitted for perfect human development. There is a deficiency in the potential heat-producing materials, especially for cooler climates, there being only 2 percent of fat in wheat. We instinctively supply this deficiency by the addition of fatty bodies. We spread butter upon bread, we mingle lard or butter with our biscuits or cake, and the fat meat and bread are taken alternatively or coincidentally. The starch, being a carbon hydrate, can afford, comparatively, but little heat in consumption, and the fats (butter) are demanded by the wants of the system.— united States' Miller.

Remarks.—This is perfectly philosophical; we need fat in some form to keep up the heat of the body, and now-a-days so few persons will eat fat meats-we must have butter; and it is only from eating too large an amount of it, or eating that which has become rancid or " strong," and therefore almost absolutely indigestible, that harm may arise from its use. A little nice butter is as necessary as it is desirable to almost every person.

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