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General Treatment For Strawberries

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

Examine the young plants before setting them. Pick off all discolored or diseased leaves. If root lice are suspected, dip the roots in strong tobacco water.

After the growth starts, spray with Bordeaux and a poison to prevent the leaf spot and to destroy the leaf-roller insect that may be present.

For fruiting plantations, spray with Bordeaux before blossoming and repeat ten days to two weeks later. After fruiting if the bed is to be fruited again, mow and burn over quickly (as on a day when there is a wind, to avoid burning the crowns of the plants), If leaf rollers have been present, spray with poison after the growth has started again, but before the leaves curl.

For strawberry root lice, see Michigan Bulletin No. 244, page 88.

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