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General Treatment For Raspberries, Blackberries And Dewberries

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

CUT OUT THE FRUIT BEARING canes after the last picking has been made. This will lessen insect and disease troubles that may be harbored on the old canes and allow more room for the growth of the new canes.

ORANGE RUST may appear in May or June. It is easily identified by the bright orange color on the under side of the leaves. There is no method of preventing this trouble. As soon as it is found, the bush should be dug out and burned. If allowed to remain the disease will spread and destroy many plants.

= ANTHRACNOSE, identified by the grayish spots on the canes (also on leaves, but not conspicuous), is common in many berry fields. It does not yield to spraying unless very frequently done with Bordeaux mixture and this may not be profitable. If desirable, make the first spraying when the new canes are 6 to 8 inches high and repeat every two weeks during the growing season.

Cutting out and burning the old canes immediately after fruiting will be of some benefit. In starting a new field, make a special effort to secure healthy plants.

"WORMS" or "SLUGS" might appear at any time. Spray with an arsenical if early in season, but if near picking time, use hellebore or pyrethrum.

Cut out and burn gouty galls, tree cricket eggs or borers in stems.

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