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General Treatment For Currants And Gooseberries

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

San Jose and European fruit scale are often found upon these bushes. Inspect carefully for them. If found, spray before growth starts with strong lime-sulphur.

JUST AS THE LEAVES ARE 'EXPANDING, spray with dilute lime-sulphur or

Bordeaux and two pounds of arsenate of lead to every fifty gallons. REPEAT this spraying when the fruit is about one-fourth grown.

If worms trouble after this, use pyrethrum or hellebore.

Leaf bugs or aphids may appear. When they do, spray with nicotine or strong tobacco water while the bugs are red and wingless and before the leaves have become curled.

GOOSEBERRY MILDEW is a fungous disease that is especially troublesome on the English varieties as Industry, Columbus and Chautauqua. Spray with dilute lime-sulphur. Begin when the buds start and repeat every 10 days to two weeks until near picking time.

WHEN PRUNING, if a cane is cut that shows discolored pith, it may indicate the cane borer. Cut back to sound pith. Burn trimmings.

WILTED FOLIAGE at any time indicates the cane borer. Cut out and burn.

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