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General Treatment For Cherries

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

Cherry trees may be infested with San Jose scale. If found, the treatment is the same as that recommended for the apple.

JUST BEFORE THE BLOSSOMS OPEN, spray with dilute lime-sulphur, or Bordeaux mixture. This is to prevent the rot and leaf spot troubles.

Especially valuable on the English Morellos for the latter. Our experiments the last two seasons indicate that the dilute lime-sulphur is just as satisfactory as the Bordeaux for cherries and either is better than the self-boiled lime-sulphur.

JUST AFTER THE BLOSSOMS FALL, make a spraying like the above with the addition of 2 pounds of arsenate of lead to every 50 gallons of spray solution. This spraying is directed against the rot and leaf spot, curculio and slug.

TEN DAYS OR TWO WEEKS LATER, it may be necessary to make an-other spraying like the previous one for the rot and leaf spot. The need for this spraying will depend upon the susceptibility of the variety to the rot and to the weather conditions of the season.

LARGE BLACK LICE may appear on the leaves at any time. A spraying of tobacco water (see page 167) will destroy them if applied before the leaves curl too tightly.

SLUGS sometimes appear after the fruit is harvested, a spraying of arsenate of lead (2 or 3 pounds in 50 gallons of water) will destroy them.

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