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The Sulzer Apple Bill

( Originally Published Early 1900's )


(Second Prize Address.)

Mr. Chairman, Ladies and. Gentlemen :

It is my purpose this morning, to give you a brief discussion of the Sulzer Apple Bill recently passed by Congress. There are few growers who thoroughly understand the requirements of this bill as to the packing, grading, and branding of apples. As my time is limited I can only mention a few of the more important points, and not go into detail as I would very much like.

The Sulzer Apple Bill deals with the grading, packing, and branding of apples. It was passed by Congress and signed by the President, August 3, 1912. It provides that:

(1) The, barrel stave shall be 281/2 inches long, the diameter of the head 17/8 inches, the distance between heads 26 inches, and the circumference of the bulge, outside measurement 64 inches, making as near as possible 7,056 cubic inches;

(2) There is to be but one grade and the requirements of it are that all fruit in one barrel shall be of one variety, normal shape and well grown specimens for the variety. They must be of good color, hand picked, and practically free from insect and fungus injury, except those which are necessarily caused in packing.

The grade may be divided according to sizes. The minimum size fruit in a barrel being the standard for that barrel. For example suppose we have a barrel marked "Standard 'Grade, Minimum Size 21/2 Inches." This means that all the fruit in this barrel is at least 2 inches in transverse diameter, and that it will all pass the inspection for standard grades. We are allowed 10% below these specifications, and still be within the limits of the law;

(3) The barrels which are marked Standard Grade, shall also have marked on them :

(a) The name of the variety;

(b) The name of the locality where grown;

(c) The name of the packer or persons by whose authority the apples were packed and the barrel marked.

It is also permissable to mark on the barrel, "Packed in accordance with the Act of Congress, August 3, 1912." As this law does not go into effect until July 1, 1913, every grower, or dealer in apples should become thoroughly, acquainted with the bill. Now understand gentlemen, you do not HAVE to grade, pack, and brand according to this bill unless you wish to mark your fruit "Standard Grade." If you do mark your fruit Standard Grade, and it does not come up to the requirements of this bill, you are liable to a fine of one dollar ($1.00) per barrel for every barrel that does not come up to the grade and the cost of prosecution.

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