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M. A. C. Students' Speaking Contest

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

Three years ago the Michigan State Horticultural Society introduced the plan of having the senior horticultural students at the Michigan Agricultural College contest for cash prizes of $60 in giving five-minute addresses at the annual meeting; also in judging and identifying some of the plates of fruit on exhibit at the same meeting. This has resulted in the most interesting part of the whole program and great credit is due to Prof. H. J. Eustace of the College and his students for the great success secured. Other states have copied the plan with more or less success.

This event at this annual meeting was even better than ever before, fifteen young men taking part in the speaking and it was very difficult for the audience to decide as to which ones did the best. Each one did himself credit and the following papers will show the practical nature of the subjects selected and the satisfactory way in which each was presented.

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