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Dairy Cow Scaling Points

( Originally Published 1912 )

HEAD.—Comparatively long from eyes to base of horns; decidedly feminine in appearance 2

FOREHEAD.—Broad between the eyes and well dished 2

FACE.—Outlines fine, especially under the eyes, showing facial veins. Length medium, with broad muzzle 2

EARS.—Of medium size, thin and finely shaped, covered with soft hair 1

EYES.—Moderately full, large and mild 2

HORNS.—Set comparatively narrow at hase, fine, oval, well bent, inclining top line slightly curving, of good length, moderately thin, excellent in bearing 4

SHOULDERS.—Fine and even from top, lower than hips and moderately deep 3

CHEST.—LOW, deep, and broad 6

CHIN. Straight, broadly developed and open 5

BARREL.-Well rounded with large abdomen 5

LOIN AND HIP.—Broad, full, long and level 5

RUMP.—High, broad and level, with roomy pelvis

THURL.—High, with great width 4

QUARTERS.—Long, straight behind, room in the twist, wide and full at sides 4

FLANxs.—Fairly deep and full 2

LEDs.—Short, clean, tapering, with strong arm, in position firm, wide apart; foot of medium size, round, solid and deep 5

TAIL—Reaching to hocks or below, large at setting, tapering finely to a full switch 2

HAIR AND HANDLING.—Fine, soft and mellow, skin of moderate thickness, secretions oily and of rich brown or yellow color 10

MAMMARY VEINS.—Large, long, crooked, branched with extension entering large orifices or milk wells 10

UDDER—Capacious, flexible, well developed, both in front and rear; teats well formed, wide apart, and of convenient size 12



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