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How To Make Your Own Stock Tonic

( Originally Published 1912 )

By DR. DAVID ROBERTS Cattle Specialist

The Originator of Condensed Stock Tonic. IMPORTANCE OF HEALTHY STOCK.

It is a well-known fact that successful stock raising and dairying depend entirely upon the health and condition of your animals. If they be in a strong, healthy condition this is evidence that they are digesting and assimilating all the feed that they consume. A milch cow requires a certain percentage of the feed she eats to sustain her, the balance should go to the milk pail. This will be the case if she is in a good, healthy condition and digesting and assimilating her feed.


A cow at pasture depends entirely upon nature to supply and regulate her feed, and it is during this season of the year that she produces the greatest amount of milk. This is because she is furnished with such ingredients as are required by nature to perfectly digest and assimilate her feed. She can only receive the feed that nature has provided for her, in its natural condition, during the grass season.


At the close of the grass season the cow is compelled to go into winter quarters, thereby undergoing a great change as to sunlight, fresh air, water, exercise and feed. While being in her winter quarters she is to a certain extent deprived of sunlight, and sometimes fresh air. She is usually watered at stated intervals. While at pasture she can partake of water in such quantity and at such times as she desires, the temperature of which is regulated by nature. This is a great advantage over the ice cold water which she is often compelled to drink, or go without until the following day, at which time she is so thirsty that she is apt to partake so freely of it as to cause a chilling of the digestive organs, thus causing indigestion. Another common cause of indigestion is the lack of exercise. During the winter months, while a cow is shut in the stable so much of the time, it is impossible for her to get the exercise which it is her nature to have and which she gets during the summer months, while going to and from and roaming in the pasture hunting her feed. The last and most important cause of indigestion is the great and complete change that the cow is compelled to undergo, when required to change from the feed which nature provides in its natural form to the dry, fibrous and hard to digest fodders, which it is necessary that she be fed upon, not only to sustain her, but also to make a profit for her owner.


If a cow during the winter months can be made a profit producer, it can only be done by furnishing her with something to stimulate her digestive organs and keep them in a healthy condition, so that she may thoroughly digest and assimilate the feed that she eats. This can be done by adding to her regular ration such ingredients as she may need to tone up her system and thereby furnish her with a substitute for nature. A cow can produce more by receiving little feed and digesting it well, then by receiving much feed and only digesting part of it.


A good Stock Tonic can be prepared at home at very small cost and fed to a herd so that the saving of feed will pay for the Stock Tonic, and the increase in milk and the health of the herd will be clear gain, the latter being a very essential and important thing to consider. If this alone was the only benefit derived by feeding the Stock Tonic, it would be considered a good investment. This Stock Tonic is not only a bone and muscle builder, a flesh and milk producer, but is also valuable as a health preserver and a preventive of disease.


It is a well-known fact that a cow in a run-down condition is a hotbed for the germs of disease to infest and multiply in, thereby not only becoming a dead loss to the owner, but endangering the health of the whole herd. From this source many infectious diseases originate in herds and in this manner cause great loss to the owner.


Every dairyman owes it to himself to see that his cows are kept up to the highest point of productiveness. He should not be satisfied with the amount of milk that he is getting from a cow until he knows that she cannot be made to give any more. A cow can be kept up to her highest point of productiveness for many years, provided she digests and assimilates her food; on the other hand, when she fails to properly digest and assimilate her food her years of usefulness are very much shortened. A cow is similar to a machine, the more you feed the more she produces, the better care she receives, the longer she lasts—this Tonic to a cow is as oil to a machine. Therefore, when you have a good cow, why not take proper care of her and make her last for years in service, instead of neglecting her and thereby shortening her period of usefulness, making it necessary to replace her with another cow which you are not sure is going to be a profit producer? In replacing a neglected cow which might otherwise be good for many years, you not only risk getting a profit producer, but you are also taking chances on introducing into your herd, with every cow you buy, diseases which might cause you great loss.


If you have a number of cows in your herd which have passed the years of usefulness, dispose of them and give the balance of your herd the attention necessary to enable them to give the richest, highest test and largest flow of milk that it is possible for them to produce.

In disposing of the cows in your herd that have proved themselves to be non-profit producers and those that have passed their years of usefulness, and bringing the balance of your herd up to the highest degree of productiveness, you are getting and saving all the profits from your herd, instead of putting part of the profit back in feeding and caring for the cows that have proved themselves to be non-profit producers. A few cows well kept are more profitable than a larger number poorly kept.


Beef cattle should be given such attention as to cause them to fatten quickly, shorten the feeding period and produce the highest and best grade of beef that is possible to be produced. To obtain these results, the best of attention should be given to them and such ingredients added to their feed as to cause perfect digestion and assimilation, thus enabling the animal to obtain a larger per cent of flesh and fat-forming elements from a certain amount of grain.


To be successful in the breeding of cattle, and especially show cattle, much attention should be given them in order to produce strong, robust, healthy, superior individuals. In order to expect this, the calf from the moment that it drops should receive proper care and such food as will be digested and assimilated so as not to overtax the digestive organs. To avoid this, such ingredients should be added to the feed as will aid digestion and assimilation, thus causing rapid development of bone and muscle, and resulting in a perfect animal.


While the use of unadulterated Stock Tonic is beneficial to your herd, you can save money by making it yourself, and by doing so you will also be sure of its absolute purity.


All the bulky portions of Stock Tonic are products of the farm. You raise these products and sell them to your buyer ; he in turn sells them to the large grain dealer at a profit. The large grain dealer sells to the buyers for the different mills at a profit. In these mills your products are ground up, sold and shipped to the Stock Tonic factories at a profit, where it is medicated, put up in packages and pails and labeled Stock Tonic. It is then sold to the wholesaler at a profit. The wholesaler sells to the retailer at a profit, and you buy from the retailer, paying him a profit. You, being the consumer, must pay all these different profits, together with all freight charges. These freight charges, where the goods are shipped so many times, amount to considerable, for each time that the goods change hands a new freight charge is made and they are most all made for short hauls, and you well know that a number of short haul charges amount to more than one single long haul.


You can save the middleman's profit and the freight charges from one dealer to another on your products and back to the farm, by buying your ground flaxseed or ground oil cake, from your home dealer in such quantities as to assure you of getting it at a reasonable price; or better still, buy or raise your own flaxseed and grind it yourself if you have a mill; if not, have it ground at your nearest home mill. You are then sure of getting the very best and purest ground flaxseed meal that can be had. When ground flaxseed is too high priced, use ground oil cake or you can use any kind of ground feed. By adding to this flaxseed meal or ground oil cake such roots, barks, herbs and seeds as nature demands for stock, you have a complete and perfect mixture in the form of a pure Stock Tonic. By feeding this Stock Tonic to your cattle in small quantities with their regular feed you will keep their digestive organs in good condition, so that they can thoroughly digest and assimilate their feed, which will enable them to produce you a profit and also to keep in a sleek, healthy condition. This, when fed to a milch cow, will cause her to yield the richest and greatest flow of milk that it is possible for her to give.

When given to beef cattle with proper feed it will enable them to obtain a larger percentage of flesh and fat-forming elements from a certain amount of grain, causing them to fatten quickly, thus shortening the feeding period and producing the highest and best quality of beef possible to be produced.

If you are in the breeding business, not only the prices which you can demand, but also your sales depend upon the strong, robust and healthy appearance of your stock.


To prepare your own Stock Tonic at home, it is only necessary for you to have the medical parts (such as powdered roots, barks, herbs and seeds), to mix with the ground flaxseed or oil cake meal. These powders we can furnish you at the lowest cost and with a perfect guarantee of purity.

We buy our roots, barks, herbs and seeds direct from the drug mills in large quantities, thereby getting the very lowest prices possible. They are shipped direct to our factory under a positive guarantee that they are absolutely pure. They are then carefully and scientifically mixed and placed in sealed cans, the contents of which we guarantee to be absolutely pure. This is the Stokvigor, by the use of which you are enabled to make an absolutely pure Stock Tonic.


Dr. David Roberts' Stokvigor, 2 pounds;

Ground Flaxseed or Oil Cake Meal, 25 pounds.

Stokvigor 12 pound can; ground Flaxseed or Oil Cake Meal, 150 pounds.

Place such amount of Ground Flaxseed or Oil Cake Meal as you wish to use in large shallow box 4x4 ft. square and 1 ft. deep, spread over it the Stokvigor, in the proportion of 2 pounds to each 25 pounds of Ground Flaxseed or Oil Cake Meal. Then with a hoe or shovel turn back and forth five or six times, or until the Stokvigor is thoroughly mixed in.


For milch cows—Give two tablespoonfuls twice daily in feed of any kind. For fattening steers or show cattle—Give two or three tablespoonfuls twice daily in feed.

For raising or fattening calves—Two teaspoonfuls twice daily in feed or milk. For horses—Give two tablespoonfuls twice daily in feed of any kind. For brood mares—Give two or three tablespoonfuls twice daily in feed. For colts—Give one or two tablespoonfuls twice daily in feed.

For hogs—For every pig of 50 pounds or less give one teaspoonful twice daily in feed or milk. For hogs over that weight give one tablespoonful twice daily in feed.

For brood sows, suckling pigs—Give two tablespoonfuls twice daily in feed. For sheep—Give two tablespoonfuls twice daily in feed.

For fattening sheep—Give two tablespoonfuls twice daily in feed.

This Stock Tonic will aid digestion, increase the flow of milk, save milk in raising calves, keep hogs healthy and fatten them quickly, sleeken and fatten horses. It is a bone and muscle builder and for this reason all young stock as well as matured animals should receive it.

Calves and pigs receiving skim or separator milk should be given this Stock Tonic, as it aids digestion and prevents scours. Medicate all salt given to stock.

Two pounds of Condensed Stock Tonic mixed thoroughly with 25 pounds of salt and put in troughs in a sheltered place where the cows can have free access to it in passing to and from the pasture will keep them in a healthy condition.

This stock tonic is prepared especially for cattle, but has been used with such good results on other stock that we do not hesitate to recommend its use for all animals.


Stockmen everywhere are warm in their praise of DR. DAVID ROBERTS' CONDENSED STOCK Toxic, which not only has the advantage of greater economy than Stock Tonics of large bulk, but is backed by the reputation of one of the greatest living veterinarians, under whose personal direction it is prepared.


Dr. David Roberts, Waukesha, Wis.

DEAR SIR:—I have used your Stokvigor with highly satisfactory results. Think you have struck the keynote, as there is no chance for adulteration where a stockman buys the ingredients of a stock tonic and mikes them himself.

Yours truly,



We gave your Stock Tonic a fair trial on all our horses and half of our herd of Holstein cows, and the difference between those receiving the tonic and those not receiving it was very marked, the former being very sleek and thrifty. After this experiment we feel we cannot speak too highly of your tonic, and take pleasure in recommending it to all in need of a first-class stock tonic.

WISCONSIN INDUSTRIAL SCHOOL. Per K. C. Dousman, Supt. Stock Dept., Waukesha.

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