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Biographical Sketch

( Originally Published 1912 )

Dr. David Roberts has for years occupied a conspicuous place among the veterinarians of the United States. Gov. Davidson appointed him State Veterinarian of Wisconsin in 1906, in which office he succeeded his brother, Dr. Evan D. Roberts, of Janesville, Wis., who had held the office for six years. Dr. David Roberts ably filled this position until November 1, 1908, when he resigned in order to conduct an educational campaign against the two dread diseases in cattle—tuberculosis and abortion. This campaign was not confined to Wisconsin, but was extended to Iowa, Illinois, *Pennsylvania, New York, and other states, and as a result infectious diseases have been stamped out from among many valuable herds in all parts of the country.

For generations back the Roberts family has been interested in the breeding and treating of live stock. Twenty-five years before any veterinary college had been established in America, J. P. Roberts, the grandfather of Dr. David Roberts, was engaged in treating horses and cattle. His father, John M. Roberts, was a well-known stock raiser and farrier, his service being in demand even at the present time, owing to his experience and good judgment.

It will thus be seen that Dr. David Roberts was, in a measure, born in this profession.

During the early part of Dr. Roberts' life he attended the district school, and later entered Beloit College. Returning from Beloit he successfully managed his father's stock farm with its extensive milk interests and a side line of draft horses, hogs and sheep. His great love of stock, and the success which attended his every effort with them, persuaded him to enter the Chicago Veterinary College in order to fit himself for the profession for which he was naturally gifted.

In 1889 Dr. David Roberts was graduated from the Chicago Veterinary College, and his desire of becoming a cattle specialist induced him to leave the larger cities and locate in the beautiful city of Waukesha, which is in the very heart of the large dairy industry of this great state, where he has since 1889 enjoyed a large practice. While he has devoted his time to the general practice of the Veterinary Science, still it must be understood that he is eminently a CATTLE SPECIALIST, and as such is far more competent to handle and treat the complicated diseases of cattle than one who has not paid particular attention to this line of work. On account of the magnitude of the cattle industry in this country, the Doctor places this branch of the practice ahead of all others, and it is with pardonable pride that we refer to his magnificent success in this field.

In the discovery of the Anti-Abortion Treatment, Dr. Roberts has rendered a service of the highest importance to the cattle industry of the world. It is a matter of great interest to owners and breeders of live stock, that this Treatment, along with numerous other scientific prescriptions that he has employed with such remarkable success in his extensive practice, have been placed on the market in such form as to be readily available.

The Doctor has built up the largest cattle practice in the country, and is pre-pared to visit any part of the United States on important cases, details of such trips to be arranged with him by correspondence.

No one is in a better position than the veterinarian to realize the extensive loss resulting to live stock owners throughout the country from Contagious Abortion in cattle, and the great peed of a reliable treatment for this destructive disease.

That contagious diseases are caused by germs is admitted by nearly all persons who are at all conversant with what has been done in the world of veterinary science during the last few years.

Contagious Abortion, Calf Cholera, Tuberculosis and several other diseases of infectious forms are known to be caused by the presence of germs, which differ in form, size, mode of growth and microscopic appearance.

By means of these germs we can transmit these diseases from one animal to another, and by taking a small quantity of liquid from a cow afflicted with Contagious Abortion, and injecting it under the skin of a pregnant guinea pig, it will cause her to abort, and if other pregnant guinea pigs be in the same pen they will also abort.

I merely mention this experiment to show the infectious nature of germs of abortion, which produce this disease in cattle.

In the light of such proof, and in accordance with the acknowledgment of the scientific world, the only proper way to control and combat abortion is by the proper administration of an Anti-Abortion Treatment, such as I have perfected.

After many years of careful study and numerous experiments with this treatment, I have been enabled to control and eradicate this disease.

I know that the use of Anti-Abortion treatment in preventing and over-coming infectious diseases in stock is the correct method. In view of this, I shall exert strenuous efforts to remain in the front rank of scientific and practicable development in this work.

As yet I confine the output of this treatment to Contagious Abortion in cattle only, and do not advise its use on other stock until proved beyond all doubt that it is absolutely reliable in their cases as it is in cattle.

Its wonderful effects can best be seen by injecting it under the skin of a cow which is showing every sign of an approaching abortion (such as swelling of the udder and vulva) then watch these symptoms disappear and the cow carry her calf full time. You will then become an eye witness of what power of control the Treatment has over the germs that produce the symptoms, and if not disturbed, produce abortion in such a case.

In my complete treatise on page 35, I have endeavored to present the facts in such a light that every one who reads it may get a comprehensive idea of what is meant by the treatment of Infectious Abortion in cattle.

I have purposely avoided technicalities as much as possible, choosing rather to present scientific facts in a clear and intelligible manner.

I believe that when veterinarians familiarize themselves with the treatment, and the results which they can obtain by the use of the same, that they will in time become constant users of this, the most scientific and professional method of handling this dreaded disease which is costing their clients many hundreds of dollars yearly.

The newest and most improved methods are used in preparing the Anti-Abortion Treatment. Before being shipped, it is carefully examined, in order to establish its correctness in every particular.

Yours very truly,


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