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Horse History

( Originally Published 1912 )

Breeds of Draft Horses

Symptoms and Treatment of Horse Diseases

How to Give Horses Medicine


As far back as history goes, we find that the horse was the servant of man. The first mention of the horse is as a domestic animal, and not as a wild animal.

The Arabs are renowned as early breeders of fine horses, and history tells us they considered their horses their companions, being kind in their treatment and holding them high in their affections. Great care and attention were bestowed upon breeding. In this manner they produced a breed of horses noted for its high intelligence, great speed and remarkable endurance. While they were always careful and considerate of their horses, still they expected always that a horse would do its best for them, and that it would endure many hardships. They were the first to establish pedigrees, and the line of breeding in their day was considered as important to them as it is today among high-class breeders. Breeders of horses at the present time are following in their footsteps closely, guarding carefully the pedigrees of their horses, giving them better care and closer attention, and in this way producing a better grade and endeavoring at all times to reach the highest mark possible.

To get the best results out of a horse it is necessary that he be treated with kindness and given the best care and attention.

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