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Livestock - Introductory To Safeguarding Health

( Originally Published 1912 )

THE only way by which the farmer, dairyman, poultryman or live stock owner can realize the most from his investment and his labor is by continually guarding the health and welfare of his live stock as a precautionary measure, and by employing the most advanced prescriptions and discoveries in eradicating disease as soon as it appears. It is the object and purpose or this book to present in clear, concise and simple language, facts with which every farmer and cattle owner should be acquainted. It gives you a brief history of the most important farm animals; also interesting statistics. It tells you how to care for and manage your live stock; how to keep them in good condition so as to always produce the best results; how to prevent disease; how to know disease when it does appear, and lastly, how to treat and overcome disease. The precautionary measures, to start with, are absolute cleanliness, with conditions and surroundings as sanitary as possible. Then it is necessary at all times to have on hand a sufficient supply of good disinfectants, with which to destroy parasites and germs of all kinds, which multiply so rapidly and exist everywhere, especially where cleanliness is neglected.

In this book we make mention of the different diseases to which live stock is subject, and we treat at some length on those for which we have positive, tried and tested prescriptions. We make note of other diseases for which we do not claim to have a prepared prescription, and these subjects may be taken up by correspondence direct with Dr. David Roberts, who will give each and every inquiry his careful and personal attention. In regard to the prescriptions which are offered in this book, we wish to say that they are the result of thousands of experiments and the experience of over twenty-two years of active veterinary practice in the richest dairy cattle section of the United States. Exceptional opportunities have been offered Dr. Roberts for studying the cause and effect of such complicated and persistent diseases as Abortion, Barrenness, Retention of the Afterbirth, Scours in Calves, etc., and on such subjects he is a recognized authority, as hundreds of unsolicited testimonials will prove.

Abortion, for instance, is a germ disease; the germ is found in the mother's blood, afterbirth and bowels of the foetus, and such conditions can only be corrected by the hypodermic injection of such medicines as will destroy and eradicate the germ and thus restore the animal to a healthy condition.

We make mention of this to illustrate that the treatment and prescriptions for these diseases are the subject of much scientific study, and cannot be successfully handled except by a man of much experience and practice. These things can-not be learned from books. The knowledge must be acquired from the most thorough and successful masters--Experience and Practice. Dr. Roberts, in his daily practice, administers with unequalled success exactly the same pre-pared prescriptions which are offered you here, and with his letter of advice and instructions you can accomplish in your herd the same wonderful results with which he meets wherever he is called. The prescriptions here offered, in addition to being used by Dr. Roberts in his practice, have been used to a great extent by live stock owners throughout the country, and have met with marked success. For this reason it is our purpose to now introduce them to every owner of live. stock in America, and if you should give them a trial and find them to do what we claim, it would be a move in the right direction and a boon to suffering animal kingdom if you would recommend them to your friends and neighbors.

With the above remarks we will close our introductory chapter, and would re-quest that you read carefully the following pages, which we are certain will result to your benefit.

We hope after reading this book we will have convinced live stock owners that after all has been said on the subject, the fact cannot be denied that to guard and protect the health and comfort of your animals is, and truly is, "The Only Way."


Dr. DAVID ROBERTS, President.

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