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Dr. Robert's Prepared Prescriptions

( Originally Published 1912 )

ANTI-ABORTION, for preventing and stamping out abortion in cows.

ANTISEPTO (powdered), for washing the genital organs of live stock.

ANTISEPTO (liquid), for washing genital organs of cattle in treating abortion.

ANTISEPTIC POULTICE, for poulticing swollen and inflamed parts (man or beast)

ABSORBENT, for lump jaw, removing enlargements, and healing wounds.

BADGER BALM, for sore teats and inflamed udder of cattle.

BLACK LEG VACCINE, for vaccinating cattle to prevent black leg.

BONE BLISTER, for bone spavins, curbs, ring bones, splints, lump jaw, etc.

BREEDING Torun, to tone genital organs and overcome barrenness in live stock.

COW CLEANER, for expelling the afterbirth of cows and heifers.

CALF MEAL, added to skim milk, is a substitute for whole milk.

CALF CHOLERA REMEDY, to prevent and overcome scours in live stock.

COW TOXIC, for loss of appetite, and to increase the flow of milk.

COLIC DRENCH, for spasmodic or wind colic, also water trouble in horses.

DISINFECTALL, destroys germs, prevents diseases, abortion, tuberculosis, etc.

DIOLICE, for destroying lice on live stock, also poultry, in summer or winter.

EYE LOTION, for sore and inflamed eyes of live stock.

FEVER PASTE, for distemper, coughs, colds, throat and lung troubles of live stock.

FLY OIL, absolutely protects live stock from flies and mosquitoes, day or night.

FLUSHING OUTFIT, for giving injections to live stock, and washing genital organs.

GALL BALM, for collar, harness and saddle galls, or irritated skin.

GERM KILLER, for washing deep seated or superficial wounds and abscesses.

HEAVE POWDER, for heaves, asthma, broken wind, and irregular breathing.

HARD MILKING OUTFIT, to dilate teat ducts and overcome hard milking.

HORSE TONIC, to aid digestion, purify the blood and sleeken the coat.

HEALING OIL, for soothing and healing superficial wounds.

HEALING LOTION, for healing old sores and pus cavities, fistula, poll evil, etc.

HOOF REMEDY, for growing new hoofs and overcoming contraction.

HOG TONIC, for overcoming and preventing diseases and worms in swine.

HORN KILLER, for preventing the growth of horns on calves.

KIDNEY AID, for overcoming kidney disease, such as azoturia and red water,

LAXOTONIC, for constipation and paralysis of the bowels of live stock.

LUCKY FOUR BLISTER, a penetrating and stimulating blister.

MILK FEVER OUTFIT, to prevent and overcome milk fever in cows.

MEDICATED SALT, prevents disease and rids live stock of worms.

PHYSIC BALLS, for stimulating unthrifty, wormy and hide-bound horses.

POULTRY TONIC, to make hens lay, overcome and prevent poultry diseases.

POULTRY CHOLERA MEDICINE, for preventing and overcoming poultry cholera.

POULTRY ROUT. PASTE, for preventing and overcoming roup in poultry.

STOKVIGOR, for making your own stock tonic at home.

SKIN OINTMENT, for all skin diseases, such as mange, ring worm, etc.

STOKDIP, for dipping live stock and preventing diseases.

SHEEP TONIC, to aid digestion, prevent diseases, and expel worms.

TUBERCULIN, for detecting tuberculosis in cattle.

TUBERCULIN OUTFIT, includes instruments for applying test.

UMBILICURE, for preventing navel diseases in colts and calves:

VIGORINE, for stimulating the genital organs of live stock.

WARTINE, for removing warts from the body or limbs of live stock.

WHITE LINIMENT, for muscular soreness and rheumatism, in man or beast.

WORM POWDER, for destroying and expelling worms from live stock and poultry.

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