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( Originally Published 1851 )

Persian account of the origin of Wine. Jerusheed, the founder of Persepolis, is by Persian writers said to have been the first who invented wine. He was immoderately fond of grapes, and desiring to preserve some, they were placed for this purpose in a large vessel, and lodged in a vault for future use. When the vessel was opened, the grapes had fermented and their juice in this state was so acid that the king believed it must be poisonous. He had some vessels filled with it; "poison " was written upon each and they were placed in his room.

It happened that one of his favorite ladies was affected with a nervous headache, and the pain distracted her so much that she desired death. Observing a vessel with " poison." written on it, she took it and swallowed its contents. The wine, for such it had become, overpowered the lady, who fell into a sound sleep and awoke much refreshed. Delighted with the remedy, she repeated the dose so often that the monarch's poison was all drank. He soon discovered this, and forced the lady to confess what she had done. A quantity of wine was made; and Jerusheed and all his court, drank of the new beverage which from the circumstance that led to its discovery, is this day known in Persia by the naine of Jeher-e-Kooshon, the delightful poison !

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