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They Are Gone!

( Originally Published 1851 )

(From Moore's Evenings in Greece.)

Ah ! where are they who heard, in former hours, file voice of song in these neglected bowers ? They are gone—they are all gone !

The youth, who told his pain in such sweet tone, That all who heard him wished his pain their own, He is gone—he is gone !

And she who, while he sung, sat listening by,

And thought, to strains like these 't were sweet to die She is gone--she, too, is gone !

'T is thus, in future hours, some bard will say

Of her who hears, and him who sings this day—They are gone—they both are gone !

—We are sometimes astonished at the impudent assertions of quacks in their public announcements at the present day. Their predecessors, however, went some-what further, as the two following advertisements taken from the original edition of the Spectator will show :—" An admirable confect which assuredly cures stuttering and stammering in children or grown persons, though never so bad, causing them to speak distinct and free without any trouble or difficulty ; it remedies all manner of impediments in the speech, or disorders of the voice of any kind. proceeding from what cause soever, rendering those persons capable of speaking easily and free, and with a clear voice, who before were not able to utter a sentence without hesitation Its stupendous effects in so quickly and infallibly curing stuttering and stammering, and all disorders of the voice and difficulty in delivery of the speech, are really wonderful. Price 2s. 6d. a pot, with directions. Sold only at Mr. Osborn's Toy-shop, at the Rose and Crown, under St. Dunstan's church, Fleet-street."

" Loss of memory, or forgetfulness, certainly cured, by a grateful electuary, peculiarly adapted for that end ; it strikes at the primary source, which few apprehend, of forgetfulness, makes the head clear and easy, the spirits free, active, and undisturbed ; corroborates and revives all the noble faculties of the soul, such as thought, judgment, apprehension, reason, and memory, which last in particular it so strengthens as to render that faculty exceeding quick, and good beyond imagination ; thereby enabling those whose memory was before almost totally lost to remember the minutest circumstance of their affairs, &c. to a wonder. Price 2s. 6d. a pot. Sold only at Mr. Payne's, at the Angel and Crown, in St. Paul's Church-yard, with directions."

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