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( Originally Published 1851 )

Icebergs are large bodies of ice filling the valleys between the high mountains in northern latitudes. Among the most remarkable are those of the East Coast of Spitsbergen. The frost sports wonderfully with these bodies, and gives them the most fantastic, and sometimes the most majestic forms.

Masses have been seen assuming the shape of a Gothic Church, with arched windows and doors, and all the rich drapery that an Arabian tale would scarcely dare to describe. Crystal of the richest blue, tables with one or more feet, and often immense flat-roofed temples, supported by round trans-parent columns, float by the astonished spectators. These icebergs are the creation of ages, and annually increase by the falling of snows, and of rain, which instantly freezes, and more than repairs the loss occasioned by the heat of the sun.

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