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Montgomery Excess In The Pursuit Of Knowledge

( Originally Published 1851 )

The principal end why we are to get knowledge here, is to make use of it for the benefit of ourselves and others in this world ; but if by gaining it we destroy our health, we labor for a tiling that will be useless in our hands; and if by harassing our bodies, (though with a design to render ourselves more useful,) we deprive ourselves of the abilities and opportunities of doing that good we might have done with a meaner talent, which God thought sufficient for us, by having denied us the strength to iirprove it to that pitch which men of stronger constitutions can attain to, we rob God of so much service, and our neighbor of all that help, which, in a state of health, with moderate knowledge, we might have been able to perform. He that sinks his vessel by overloading it, though it be with gold and silver and precious stones, will give his owner but an ill account of his voyage.óLorke.

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