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Burning Mummies

( Originally Published 1851 )

The Arabs who inhabit the neighborhood of the great cemeteries of Upper Egypt have a strange way of cooking their victuals. Whenever fuel is wanting, they descend into their tombs, and, dis-lodging a mummy, and throwing it on their shoulders, return to their tent. Then taking a hatchet, and seizing the mummy by one leg, they hew the body into two at a blow, and, afterwards cutting it into smaller pieces, make use of a leg or an arm, or part of the trunk, as it may happen, to boil their kettle. As the ancient Egyptians always enclosed their dead in resinous substances, the mummies are easily combustible, and make excellent fuel.

Whale Fishery.—In 1832, the whale Fishery, produced to American industry 78,999 barrels. In 1831 the produce was 107,752 barrels; deficiency for 1832, 28,753 bbls. Of the quantity sent home in 1832, upwards of 36,000 bbls. were imported into New Bedford, 31,000 into Nantucket, into Newport 4120; into Plymouth 2120.

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