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Some Great Architects And Some Of Their Famous Works

( Originally Published 1920 )

N0TE.-This is not, of course, a complete list of famous Architects, nor is it a complete list of their works. It is intended to serve as an introduction to the vast field and to furnish a series of fingerposts to those who would acquaint themselves with the lives and works of the great masters.

ADAM, ROBERT. 1728-1792. English. Biography by Fitzgerald, 1904. ALBERTI, LEONE BATTESTA DEGLI. 1404-1472. Italian. Chief Work: Front of Santa Maria Novella, Florence.

ALESSI, GALEAZZO. 1502-1572. Italian.

BARRY, SIR CHARLES. 17954860. English. Chief Work: The Houses of Parliament, London. Memoir by Alfred Barry.

BERNINI, GIOVANNI LORENZO. 1598-1680. Italian. Some Chief Works: The Palace Barberini ; The Campanile of St. Peter's.

BONO, BARTOLOMEO DI GIOVANNI. 15th century. Italian.

BRAMANTE (DONATA D'AGNOLA). 1444-1514. Italian. Chief Work: Cancellaria; Plan of St. Peter's.

BRUNELLESCHI, FILIPPO. 1377-1446. Italian. Chief Works: Cupola of Santa Maria del Fiore. Biography by Mrs. Baxter (Leader Scott).

BULFINCH, CHARLES. 1763-1844. American. Chief Work: The Massachusetts State Capitol, Boston. Life and Letters, 1896.

BULLANT, JEAN. 1515-1578. French.

BUONARROTI, MICHEL ANGELO. 1475-1564. Italian. Chief Work: Dome of St. Peter's, Rome.

BURGES, WILLIAM. 1827-1881. English. Chief Work: Cork Cathedral.

CHAMBERS, SIR WILLIAM. 1726-1796. English. Chief Work: Somerset House, London. Biography by Hardwick in his "Treatise on the Decorative Part of Civil Architecture," pages, 37-51.

DE L'ORME, PHILBERT. 1515-1570. French. Chief Work: The Tuileries, Paris.

ELIOT, CHARLES. 1859-1897. American. Biography by C. W. Eliot, 1903.

EMERY, MATTHEW GAULT. 1818-1901. American. Biography by Cox, 1904.


GIBBS, JAMES. 1674-1754. English.

ICTINUS. Flourished about 450-430 B.C. Greek. Chief Work: The Parthenon.

JONES, INIGO. 1573-1652. English. Chief Work: Banquet Hall, Whitehall, London. Biography by Cunningham, 1848 ; and Loftie, W. J.

KEMP, GEORGE MECKLE. 1795-1844. Scotch. Biography by Bonnar.


MANSARD, I. H. 1646-1708. French. Chief Work: Dome of the Invalides, Paris. MCKIM, C. F. American. Chief Work; Public Library, Boston.

PALLADIO, ANDREA. 1518-1580. Italian. Some Chief Works: Basilica of Vicenza ; Church of Il Redemtore, Venice. Biography by Fletcher.

PUGIN, AUGUSTUS W. N. 1812-1852. English. Recollections by Ferrey.

RICHARDSON, HENRY HOBSON. 1838-1886. American. Some Chief Works: Trinity Church, Boston ; All Saints' Church, Pittsburg. Biography by Mrs. Van Rensselaer.

ROOT, JOHN W. 1850-1891. American. Biography by Monroe.

SANGALLO, GIULIANO DE. 1445-1516. Italian. Chief Work: The Farnese Palace, Rome.

SANSOVINO, GIOCOPO TATTI. 1479-1570. Italian. Chief Work: The Library, Venice.

SCOTT, SIR GEORGE GILBERT. 1811-1878. English. Some Chief Works; Town Hall, Hamburg ; National Liberal Club and National History Museum, London. Recollections by Sir Gilbert Scott.

SEMPER, GOTTFRIED. 1803-1879. German. Some Chief Works: The Royal Theatre, Dresden ; New Museum, Vienna.

SMIRKE, SIR ROBERT. 1781-1867. English. Memoirs by Edward Smirke.

SOANE, SIR JOHN. 1753-1837. English. Founder of the Soane Museum. Short sketch by Donaldson.

STREET, GEORGE E. 1824-1881. English. Chief Work: The Law Courts, Lon-don. Memoir by A. E. Street.

VANBRUGH, SIR JOHN. 1666-1726. English. Some Chief Works: Castle Howard ; Blenheim Palace, England. Biography by Lovegrove, 1902. Other biographies treat him mainly as a dramatist.

VIGNOLA, GIOCOMO BAROZZI DA. 1507-1573. Italian. Chief Work: Villa Caprocola, Rome.

VITRUVIUS, POLLIO. 83?-27? B.C. Roman. Chief Work: Basilica Justian. Observations by Ussing Brown.

WATERHOUSE, ALFRED. 1830-1905. English. Chief Work: Town Hall, Manchester, Eng.

WILLIAM OF SENS. (Circa 1158.) French. Chief Work: Canterbury Cathedral.

WILLIAM OF WYKEHAM. 1324-1404. English. Chief Work: Gloucester Cathedral. Biographies by Chandler, 1842 Lowth, 1777 ; and Moberly.

WREN, SIR CHRISTOPHER. 1632-1723. English. Chief Work: St. Paul's Cathedral. Biographies by Elmes, 1852; Dottie, 1893 ; Phillimore, 1881 ; and Stratton, 1897.

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