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Some Great Sculptors And Some Of Their Notable Works

( Originally Published 1920 )

NOTE.-This, of course, is not a complete list of Great Sculptors, nor is it a complete list of their works. It is intended to serve as an Introduction to the vast field and to furnish a series of fingerposts for those who would acquaint themselves with the lives and works of the great masters.

BARYE, ANTOINE Louis. 1796-1875. French. Chief Works: The Seated Lion; The Standing Bear ; Crushing a Serpent ; Theseus Slaying the Minotaur. Biographies by De Kay, 1889 ; and in "Masters in Art," 1904.

BEGAS, REINHOLD. 1831- German. Chief Work: Monument to William I. Biography by Meyer (in German), 1897.

BERNINI, GIOVANNI. 1598-1680. Italian. Some Chief Works: Apollo and Daphne ; Many works In St. Peter's, Rome ; A bas-relief figure of Christ.

BUONARROTI, MICHEL ANGELO. 1475-1564. Italian. Some Chief Works: "David"; The Tombs of the Medici ; Monuments to Giuliano, Lorenzo de Medici ; The Last Judgment ; The frescoes in the Sistine Chapel.

CANOVA, ANTONIO. 1757-1822. Italian. Some Chief Works: Venus and Adonis; Hebe ; Hercules ; Perseus with the Head of Medusa ; Hector ; Paris ; Statue of Washington; Tomb of Alfieri. Biographies by Meyer; 1898 (in German) Quatremere de Quincy (in French), and a sketch in English.

CELLIST, BENVENUTO. 1500-1570. Italian. Some Chief Works: Perseus with the Head of Medusa; Statues of Christ, of Mars, and of Jupiter. Auto-biography (various translations).

CHANTRY, SIR FRANCIS. 1781-1842. English. Some Chief Works: The Sleeping Children ; Statues of Washington, Pitt, and Canning.

DANNECKER, JOHANN HEINRICH. 1758-1841. German. Some Chief Works: Ariadne on the Panther ; Ceres ; Bacchus.

DONATELLO (DONATO DI NICCOLA DI BETTO BARDI). 1386-1466. Italian. Some Chief Works: The Zuccone; Penitent Magdalen; Statues of St. George, St. John, David, and St. Cecilia. Biographies by Lord Lindsay, 1903; Meyer, 1903; Rea, 1900 ; and in "Masters in Art," 1903.

FLAXMAN, JOHN. 1754.1826. English. Some Chief Works: Designs for Wedgewood Pottery ; Cephalus and Aurora ; Psyche; The Archangel Michael and Satan.

FORD, ONSLOW. 1852-1901. English. Some Chief Works: The Singer; Folly; Echo.

FRENCH, DANIEL CHESTER. 1850- American. - Some Chief Works: The Minute Man of Concord ; The Republic ; Statues of General Cass, Rufus Choate, John Harvard, Thomas Starr King ; The Angel of Death.


GIBSON, JOHN. 1791-1866. English. Some Chief Works: The Wounded Amazon ; The Hunter and His Dog ; Helen ; Proserpine ; Sappho.

GILBERT, ALFRED. 1854-1903. Biographical sketch by Hatton.

GOUJON, JEAN. 1530-72. French. Chief Work: The Huntress Diana, in the Louvre, Paris.

HILDEBRAND, ADOLF, 1847- . German. Biography by Heilmeyer, 1902 (in German) HOUDON, JEAN ANTOINE. 1741-1828. French. Chief Work: The Statue of Washington, in the State Capitol, Richmond, Va.

JOHNSON, ALBERT SIDNEY. American. Chief Work: The Blind Girl.

LEIGHTON, SIR F. 1830-1896. English. Chief Works: Athlete Strangling a Python ; Sluggard. For Biographies see Painters.

LYSIPPUS, flourished about 372-316 B.C. Greek. Some Chief Works: The Statue of Alexander the Great.

MACMONNIES, FREDERICK WILLIAM. 1863- American. Some Chief Works: Statue of Nathan Hale (see p. 125) ; Shakespeare, in Library of Congress; Victory, on the Battle Monument, West Point.

MEUNIER, CONSTANTIN. 1831-1905. Biography by Gensel, 1905 (in German). MINO DI GIOVANNI DA FIESOLE. 1430-1484?. Italian.

MOSES, EZEKIEL. American. The Homeric Group.

MYRON, about 500-440 B.C. Greek. Chief Work: Figure of a Cow Lowing. PHIDIAS. -432 B.C. Greek. Some Chief Works; The Olympian Zeus; The Athena. Biographies and Studies by Collignon, 1886 (in French) ; Waldstein, 1885; in "Masters in Art," 1190PIGALLE, JEAN BAPTISTE. 1714-1785. French.. Chief Work: Tomb of Marshal de Saxe.

POLYCLEITUS. 452-412 B.C.? Greek. Some Chief Works: The Spear Bearer; The Statue of Hera (Juno). Biography by Mahler, 1902 (in German).

POWERS, HIRAM. 1805-1873. American. Some Chief Works: Statue of Eve; The Greek Slave Fisher Boy ; California ; America ; Busts of Washington, Webster, and many other famous Americans.

PRAXITELES. 390-332 B.C.? Greek. Some Chief Works: The Labors of Hercules ; The Apollo Sauroctonos ; Hermes. Sketch in "Masters in Art," 1902.

RAUCH, CHRISTIAN DANIEL. 1777-1857. German. Some Chief Works: Monuments of King Frederick William the Third, Frederick the Great; The Figures of Victory ; Moses with Aaron and Hur. Biography by Mrs. Cheney, 1893.

ROBBIA, ANDREA DELLA. 1435-1525. Italian. Chief Work: Madonna and Child.

ROBBIA, LUCCA DELLA. 1400?-1482?. Italian. Some Chief Works: Angels and Dancing Boys ; Tomb of the Bishop of Fiesole. Biographies by Cruttwell, 1902 ; Burlamacchi, 1900 ; Mrs. Van Rensselaer, 1890 ; Schubring, 1905 (in German) ; and in "Masters in Art," 1901.

RODIN, AUGUSTE. 1840- French. Some Chief Works: Busts of Hugo and Balzac ; Apollo ; The Young Girl ; The Kiss. Biography by Mauclair, 1905. RUDE, Francois. 1785-1858. French. Chief Work: Group on the Arc 'de Triomphe, Paris.

SAINT-GAUDENS, AUGUSTUS. 1848- American. Some Chief Works: Hiawatha ; Adoration of the Cross ; Statues of Farragut, Randall, and Lincoln ; The Shaw Monument ; General Sherman.

SANSOVINO, JACOPO. 1487-1570. Italian. Some Chief Works: Tombs of Cardinals Revere and Sforza ; Baptism of Christ ; Madonna and Child.

SCHADOW, JOHANN GOTTFRIED. 1764-1850. German. Some Chief Works: Monument on the Dorothea Church, Berlin ; Statues of Ziethen, Frederick the Great, Leopold, Luther, Blucher; The Quadriga over the Brandenburger Thor in Berlin.

SCOPAS. Born about 420 B.C. Greek. Some Chief Works: Achilles Conveyed to Leuce ; Sculptures in the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus.

SIEMERING, RUDOLF. 1835- Biography by Daun, 1906 (in German). STEVENS, ALFRED GEORGE. 1817-1875. English. Chief Work: The Monument of Wellington in St. Paul's Cathedral.

STORY, WILLIAM WETMORE. 1819-1895. American. Some Chief Works: Statues of Edward Everett and of Prescott ; Semiramis ; Jerusalem ; The Sibyl ; Busts of Judge Story, Lowell, and Bryant. Biographies by Henry James, 1903 ; Phillips, 1897.

THORNYCROFT, HAMO, 1850- English. Some Chief Works: The Mower ; Statues of General Gordon, John Bright, Queen Victoria, and a bust of Coleridge.

THORWALDSEN, BERTEL. 1770-1844. Danish. Some Chief Works: The Colossal Lion near Lucerne; Statues of Galileo and Copernicus; The Four Great Prophets ; The Twelve Apostles. Biographies by Pion, 1873; Rosenberg, 1896 (in German) ; Thiele, 1869.

TIECK, CHRISTIAN FRIEDRICH. 1776-1851. Biography by Hildebrandt, 1898 (in German).

VERROCHIO, ANDREA DEL. 1435-1488. Italian. Chief Work: Statue of Colleone. Venice. Biographies by Cruttwell, 1904 ; Mackowsky, 1901 (in German), and in "Masters in Art," 1905.

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