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Famous Painters And Some Of Their Notable Works

( Originally Published 1920 )

NOTE.-This, of course, is not a complete list of Famous Painters, nor is it a complete list of their works. It is intended to serve as an Introduction to the vast field and to furnish a series of fingerposts for those who would acquaint themselves with the lives and works of the great masters.

ABBEY, EDWIN AUSTIN. 1852- . American. Some Chief Works: The Quest of the Holy Grail, in the Boston Public Library ; The Coronation of King Ed-ward ; Richard the Third and Lady Anne ; Hamlet. He has also illustrated many books.

ALMA-TADEMA, SIR LAURENCE. 1836- . English. Some Chief Works: Roman Dance ; Bacchante ; In the Tepidarium ; Antony and Cleopatra ; An Audience at Agrippa ; A Reading from Homer. Biographies by Ebers, 1886; Standing, 1905; Zimmern, 1902.

ANGELICO, FRA GIOVANNI. 1387-1455. Italian. Some Chief Works: The Coronation of the Virgin, in the Louvre, Paris ; Glory, in the National Gallery, London ; and many famous frescoes. Biographies by Douglas, 1902; Supine, 1902, tr. by Leader Scott ; Williamson, 1901; in "Masters in Art," 1903, vol. iv, pt. 38.

APELLES, flourished about 340-305 B.C. Greek. Some Chief Works; Venus Rising from the Sea ; Portrait of Alexander.

BELLINI, GIOVANNI. 1428?-1516. Italian. Some Chief Works; Infant Jesus; Holy Virgin ; Baptism of the Lord ; Christ and the Woman of Samaria. Biographies by Fry, 1901; in "Masters in Art," 1900.

BLAKE, WILLIAM. 1757-1827. English. His greatest work is Illustrations to the Book of Job. Biographies by Story, 1893; Langridge, 1904. Other biographies treat Blake mainly as a poet.

BONHEUR, Rosa. 1822-1899. French. Some Chief Works: Horses Threshing Corn ; The Horse Fair ; Straits of Ballachulish ; Cattle of Brittany ; Denizens of the, Highlands ; A Noble Charger ; An Old Monarch. Biographies by Hird, 1904 ; Peyrol, 189 ; Roger-Miles (French), 1900; in "Masters in Art," 1903.

BOTTICELLI, ALESSANDRO FILIPEPI. 1447?-1510. Italian. Some Chief Works: Venus Rising from the Sea ; Venus Adorned by the Graces ; Illustrations of Dante's works. Biographies by Ady, 1904, including bibliography; Steinmann, 1901; Streeter, 1903; and in "Masters in Art," 1900.

BRETON, JULES ADOLPHE AIME Louis. 1827- French. Some Chief Works: Misery of Despair ; The Return of the Harvesters ; The Gleaners ;= Blessing the Wheat; Calling Home the Reapers; Evening. Autobiography, 1892.

BROWN, FORD MADOX. 1821-1893. English. Some Chief Works: Lear and His Daughters ; Farewell to England ; Work. Biography by Hueffer, 1896.

BUONARROTI, MICHEL ANGELO. 1475-1564. Italian. For his chief work see the article on the Sistine Chapel, Rome (p. 79). The Last Judgment was his last great work. Biographies by Clement, 1891; Grimm, 1868; Holroyd, 1903; Strutt, 1904 ; Symonds, 1893; in "Masters in Art," 1901.

CLAUDE-LORRAIN. 1600-1682. French. Small copies of all his works are contained in his set of books, called The Books of Truth. Biography by Grahame, 1895; and in "Masters in Art," 1905.

CONSTABLE, JOHN. 1776-1837. English. Some Chief Works: The Cornfield; The Valley Farm ; The Hay Wain. Biographies by Chamberlain, 1903; Henderson, 1905; Holmes, 1901 ; Windsor, 1903.

COPLEY, JOHN SINGLETON. 1737-1815. American. Some Chief Works: The Death of Lord Chatham (Pitt) ; Portrait of John Hancock. Biographies by Amory, 1882; and in "Masters in Art," 1904.

CORNELIUS, PETER VON. 1787-1867. German. Chief Work; The Four Riders of the Apocalypse, in the Royal Mausoleum, Berlin.

COROT, JEAN BAPTISTE CAMILLE. 1796-1875. French. Some Chief Works: The Flight into Egypt ; The Baptism of Christ ; and many landscapes. Biographies by Holme, 1903; Moreau Melaton ; and in "Masters in Art," 1901.

CORREGGIO, ANTONIO ALLEGRI. 1494-1534. Italian. Some Chief Works: Night; St. Jerome ; The Penitent Magdalene ; Christ in the Garden of Olives ; Fresco paintings in the Cathedral of Parma, Italy. Biographies by Baxter, 1902 ; Brinton, 1900 ; Hurll, 1901; Scott, 1902 ; Moore, 1906 ; and in "Masters in Art," 1901.

DAUBIGNY, CHARLES FRANCOIS. 1817-1878. French. Some Chief Works: Pool of Gylien ; Springtime ; The Rising Moon ; The Vintage. Biography in Mollett, "Painters of Barbizon," 1890, vol. ii.

DORE, GUST. 1832-1883. French. Some Chief Works: Christ Leaving the Pretorium ; The Flight into Egypt ; Illustrations of the Bible and "Paradise Lost." Biography by Jerrold, 1891.

DOU, GERARD. 1613-1675. Dutch. Some Chief Works: Portrait of himself; The Hermit ; The Evening School. Biographies by Martin, 1902; in "Masters in Art," 1903.

DURER, ALBRECHT. 1471-1528. German. Some Chief Works: Adam and Eve; Fortune ; Melancholy ; St. Hubert ; St. Jerome ; The Revelation of St. John. Biographies by Cust, 1897; Knackfuss (in German), 1897; Moore, 1905; in "Masters in Art," 1901 and 1904.

DYCK, SIR ANTON VAN. 1599-1641. Flemish. Some Chief Works: St. Martin Dividing His Cloak ; The Crucifixion ; The Ascension ; The Adoration of the Magi ; The Ecstasy of St. Augustine ; Christ Crucified Between Two Thieves. Biographies by Cust, 1903; Knackfuss (in German), 1896; in "Masters in Art," 1900.

EYCK, HUBERT VAN (1366-1426) and JAN VAN (1370-1441). Flemish. Some Chief Works: The Adoration of the Lamb (H.) ; Chancellor Rollin Kneeling before the Virgin (J.). Biographies by Weale, 1903; and in "Masters in Art," 1904.

FAED, THOMAS. 1826-1900. Scotch. Some Chief Works: The Rustic Toilet; The Old English Baron ; Jeanie Deans ; The Motherless Bairn ; Shakespeare and His Contemporaries.

GAINSBOROUGH, THOMAS. 1727-1788. English. Some Chief Works: The Blue Boy ; Portraits of Mrs. Siddons, Mrs. Sheridan ; The Market Cart ; The Watering Place ; The Hon. Mrs. Graham. Biographies by Armstrong, 1904 ; Bell, 1902; Boulton, 1905 Gower, 1903; in "Masters in Art," 1901.

GIORGIONE, IL (Giorgio Bardarelli). 1477-1510. Italian. Some Chief Works: Christ Carrying His Cross ; Salome Receiving the Head of John the Baptist ; Jesus on His Mother's Knee ; The Rural Concert. Biographies by Cook, 1900; in "Masters in Art," 1903.

GIOTTO, AMBROGIOTTO DI BUONDONE. 1276-1336. Italian. Some Chief Works: The Navicelli at Rome ; Fresco paintings in Florence ; The History of St. Francis at Assisi. Biographies by Perkins, 1902 ; Ruskin, 1900 ; in "Masters in Art," 1902.

GREUZE, JEAN BAPTISTE. 1725-1805. French. Some Chief Works: The Broken Pitcher ; Madame Pompadour ; Return of the Prodigal ; The Marriage Con-tract. Biographies by Armitage, 1902 ; in "Masters in Art," 1904.

HALS, FRANZ. 1584-1666? Dutch. Some Chief Works: Singing Boys ; A Cavalier ; A Family Group ; Banquet of Officers ; The Jolly Topers ; The Burgomasters. Biographies by Davies, 1902; Knackfuss (in German), 1896; in "Masters in Art," 1900.

HOBBEMA, MEYNDERT. 1638?-1709. Dutch. Some Chief Works: Mill; Avenue of Trees ; Water Wheel.

HOGARTH, WILLIAM. 1697-1764. English. Some Chief Works: The Rake's Progress ; Marriage a la Mode ; The Roast Beef of Old England ; The Gate of Calais ; The Election. Biographies by Anstruther, 1902 ; Brown, 1906 ; and in "Masters in Art," 1902.

HOKUSAI. 1760-1849. Japanese. Biography by Holmes, 1901; Perzynski (in German), 1904.

HOLBEIN, HANS. 1497-1543. German. Some Chief Works: The Dance of Death ; Family of the Burgomaster Meyer. Biographies by Chamberlain, 1902 ; Knackfuss, 1899 ; Woltmann, 1872 ; in "Masters in Art," 1902.

HOMER, WINSLOW. 1836- . American. Famous for his figure pieces, marines, and particularly his negro studies. Some Chief Works: The Lookout, "All's Well"; Fog Warning; Fishing.

HUNT, WILLIAM HOLMAN. 1827- English. Some Chief Works: The Light of the World ; The Scapegoat ; Isabella and the Pot of Basil ; The Finding of Jesus in the Temple ; The Shadow of the Cross ; The Afterglow. Biography by Williamson, 1902.

INNESS, GEORGE. 1825-1894. American. Some Chief Works: The Delaware Water Gap ; American Sunset ; Peace and Plenty ; River of Life ; A Passing Storm ; Twilight ; The Afterglow. Biography by Trumble, 1895.

JONES, SIR EDWARD COLEY BURNE. 1833-1898. English. Some Chief Works: Merlin and Vivien ; The Wine of Circe ; The Golden Stairs ; King Cophetua ; The Brazen Tower ; The Bottom of the Sea. Biographies by Bell, 1895 ; Mrs. Burne-Jones, 1904 ; in "Masters in Art," 1901.

LA FARGE, JOHN. 1835- . American. Some Chief Works: The Battle Window in Memorial Hall, Harvard, and many other stained-glass windows. Biography by Waern, 1896.

LANDSEER, SIR EDWIN HENRY. 1802-1873. English. Some Chief Works: High Life and Low Life ; Jack in Office ; The Shepherd's Chief Mourner ; A Distinguished Member of the Humane Society ; Laying Down the Law ; There's Life in the Old Dog Yet ; Monarch of the Glen. Biographies by Hurll, 1901; Manson, 1902; in "Masters in Art," 1904.

LAWRENCE, SIR THOMAS. 1769-1830. English. His work was chiefly portraits of the people of his day. Biography by Williams, 1831.

LEBRUN, MME. MARIE LOUISE ELISABETH (VIGEE). 1755-1842. Some Chief Works : Portrait of herself and daughter ; The Prince of Wales ; Lord Byron, etc. Memoirs, 1903. Biography in "Masters in Art," 1905.

LEIGHTON, SIR FREDERICK. 1830-1896. English. Some Chief Works: Hercules Wrestling with Death ; Daphnephoria ; Music Lesson ; Captive Andromache ; Bali Players. Biographies by Barrington, 1906; Lenbach, 1898 (In German) ; Williamson, 1902.

LIPPI, FILIPPINO. 1457-1504. Italian. Some Chief Works: Frescoes in the Brancacci Chapel in Florence ; The Virgin and the Saints ; The Adoration of the Magi ; The Vision of St. Francis. Biography by Konody, n. d. Strutt, 1901; in "Masters in Art," 1905.

MANTEGNA, ANDREA. 1431.?-1506. Italian. Some Chief Works: Altar-piece in St. Zeno, Verona ; The Triumph of Julius Caesar ; Madonna della Vittoria ; Wisdom Vanquishing Vice; Parnassus. Biographies by Cruttwell, 1901; Kristeller, 1901; in Masters in Art," 1905 ; Yriarte, 1901 (in French).

MATSYS, QUENTIN. 1460-1529. Flemish. Chief Work: The Descent from the Cross, in Antwerp Cathedral.

MEISSONIER, JEAN Louis ERNEST. 1815-1891. French. Some Chief Works: The Cuirassier or 1805; Friedland or 1807; French Country, 1814; Illustrations for "Paul and Virginia," and Balzac's novels. Biographies by Gerard, 1897; in "Masters in Art," 1904.

MEMLING, HANS. 1440?-1494. Dutch. Some Chief Works: The Last Judgment ; Seven Sorrows and Seven Joys of the Virgin ; Marriage of St. Catherine; Adoration ; Portraits of Sir John Donne and Burgomaster Moreel. Biographies by Kunstler, 1899 ; Weale, 1901; in "Masters in Art," 1904.

MILLAIS, SIR JOHN EVERETT. 1829-1896. English. Some Chief Works; Ferdinand and Ariel ; Mariana in the Moated Grange ; The Huguenot Lovers ; The Black Brunswicker ; Ophelia ; Chill October ; Effie Deans ; The Princes in the Tower ; Cinderella ; Mercy ; St. Bartholomew's Day, 1572. Biography by Baldry, 1899.

MILLET, JEAN FRANCOIS. 1814-1875. French. Some Chief Works; The Sheep Shearers ; The Gleaners ; The Sower; The Shepherdess with Her Flock; The Angelus. Biographies by Ady, 1896; by Hurll, 1900 ; Muther, 1905; Staley, 1903.

MUNKACSY, MIHALY. 1846- Hungarian. Some Chief Works: The Condemned ; Wartime ; The Village Hero ; Father's Birthday; Milton Dictating "Paradise Lost" ; Christ before Pilate ; Crucifixion ; Mozart's Last Moments. Biography by Ilges (in German), 1899.

MURILLO, BARTOLOME ESTEBAN. 1618-1682. Spanish. Some Chief Works: Death of Santa Clara; St. James Distributing Alms; Marriage of St. Catharine ; Conversion of St. Paul ; John the Baptist. Biographies by Knackfuss (in German), 1897; Williamson, 1902.

ORCHARDSON, WILLIAM QUILLER. 1835- . English. Some Chief Works: On Board H. M. S. Bellerophon ; Mariage de Convenance ; The Duke's Ante-chamber ; The Challenge. Biographies by Armstrong, 1905 ; Little, 1897.

PERUGINO, PIETRO VANUCCI. 1446-1524. Italian. Some Chief Works: The Pieta ; The Ascension ; The Infant Christ ; Madonna Enthroned; The Baptism.

PINTURICCHIO (BERNARDINO DI BETTI). 1454-1513. Italian. Some Chief Works: Frescoes in the Sistine Chapel, Rome; Paintings illustrating the life of Pope Pius II; Many altar-pieces. Biographies by Phillips, 1901; Ricci, 1902; Steinmann, 1898.

POTTER, PAULUS. 1625-1654. Dutch. Chief Work: "The Bull."

POUSSlN, NICOLAS. 1594-1665. French. Chief Work: Seasons Dancing before Time. Biography by Denio, 1899.

RAEBURN, SIR HENRY. 1756-1823. Scotch. Chief Works: Many portraits of celebrities of his day. Biography by Armstrong, 1901; Pinnington, 1904.

RAFFAELLO, SANTI. 1483-1520. Italian. Some Chief Works: The Transfiguration ; Madonna di San Sisto ; St. Cecilia; The Parnassus ; Jurisprudence ; Attila ; The Deliverance of St. Peter ; Entombment of Christ. Biographies by Bell, 1891; Crowe and Cavaicaselle, 1882-1885 ; Knackfuss, 1899 ; Muntz, 1888 ; Scott, 1902 ; Strachey, 1900.

REMBRANDT, HERMANZOON VAN RIJN. 1608-1669. Dutch. Some Chief Works : The Anatomical Lecture ; Descent from the Cross ; St. Thomas ; Tobias and His Mother; The Night Watch; Christ Healing the Sick; Portrait of his mother. Biographies by Bell, 1899 Breal, 1902 ; Knackfuss, 1899 ; Michel, 1894, including bibliography ; Neumann (in German) ; Rea, 1903.

REYNOLDS, SIR JOSHUA. 1723-1792. English. Some Chief Works : Count UUgolino and His Children ; Mrs. Siddons as the Tragic Muse ; Master Bun-bury ; The Strawberry Girl ; Simplicity ; Portraits of the Duchess of Manchester, Mrs. Blake, Mrs. Crewe, etc. Biographies by Armstrong, 1900; Boulton, 1905; Cleeve, 1902; Gower, 1902.

RIBERA, JOSE DI. 1586-1656. Spanish. Some Chief Works: Peter Repenting; St. Jerome Hearing the Archangel's Trumpet.

ROMNEY, GEORGE. 1734-1802. English. Some Chief Works: Portrait of Lady Hamilton ; Illustrations in Boydell's Shakespeare Gallery. Biographies by ' Cleeve, 1901; Gower, 1904; Maxwell, 1902.

ROSSETTI, DANTE GABRIEL. 1828-1882. English. Some Chief Works: Infant Christ ; The Beloved ; Dante's Dream ; Beata Beatrix ; Pandora ; Proserpine ; The Blessed Damozel. Biographies by Hueffner, 1902; Marillier, 1904; Rossetti, 1895 and 1903.

RUBENS, SIR PETER PAUL. 1577-1640. Flemish. Some Chief Works: The Descent from the Cross ; Chapeau de Paille ; Children Bearing Fruit ; Perseus and Andromeda. Biographies by Knackfuss, 1904 ; Michel, 1899 ; Rea, 1905 ; Rooses, 1904.

TENIERS, DAVID (the younger). 1610-1694. Flemish. Some Chief Works: The Prodigal Son ; St. Peter Denying Christ ; The Temptation of St. Anthony ; Card Players In a Tavern ; Spring ; Summer.

TINTORETTO. JACOPO ROBUSTI. 1518-1594. Italian. Some Chief Works: The Crucifixion ; Miracle of the Slave ; Marriage of Cana; Paradise ; Belshazzar's Feast ; The Last Supper ; The Last Judgment. Biographies by Osier, 1882'; Stearns, 1894.

TISSOT, JAMES JOSEPH JACQUES. 1836-1902. French. Some Chief Works: Faust and Marguerite; Bible Illustrations. Biography by Levy, 1900.

TIZIANO, VECELLI DI CADORE. 1477-1576. Italian. Some Chief Works: The Death of St. Peter ; Sacred and Profane Love ; Assumption of the Virgin ; The Sleeping Venus. Biographies by Crowe and Cavalcaselle, 1881; Gronan, 1904; Knackfuss, 1897 (in German) ; Phillips, 1898; and in "Masters in Art," 1900.

TRUMBULL, JOHN. 1756-1813. American. Some Chief Works: Battle of Bunker Hill ; The Declaration of Independence. Brief sketch by Weer, 1901.

TURNER, JOSEPH MALLORD WILLIAM. 1775-1851. English. Some Chief Works: The Old Temeraire ; Venice ; Mercury and Argus ; Decline of Carthage; Temple of Jupiter ; The Golden Bough. Biographies by Armstrong, 1902; Chignell, 1902; Hamerton, 1889; Monkhouse, 1899; Thornburg, 1877; and in "Masters in Art," 1902.

VELAZQUEZ, DIEGO RODRIGUEZ DE SILVA Y. 1599-1660. Spanish. Some Chief Works : Adoration of the Magi; Forge of Vulcan ; Joseph's Coat ; St. Anthony ; Surrender of Breda; Crucifixion ; Coronation of the Virgin. Biographies by Breal, 1905; Justi, 1889 ; Knackfuss, 1896 (in German) Steven-son, 1899 ; Williamson, 1901; and in "Masters in Art," 1900.

VERESCHAGIN, VASILY VASIL'EVICH. 1842-1904. Russian. Some Chief Works: Family of Jesus ; The Resurrection ; Battle pictures. Autobiography, 1887, and Biography by Jabel, 1900 (in German).

VERONESE (PAOLO CAGLIARI). 1528-1588. Italian. Some Chief Works: The Marriage Feast at Cana; The Calling of St. Andrew; The Feast of Simon; The Presentation of the Family of Darius; St. Helena's Vision. Biographies by Bell, 1904; Meissner, 1897 (in German) ; and in "Masters in Art," 1904.

VINCI, LEONARDO DA. 1452-1519. Italian. Some Chief Works: The Last Sup-per; Mona Lisa ; Soldiers Surprised ; The Battle of the Standards. Biographies by McCurdy, 1904 ; Muntz, 1898 ; Rosenberg, 1903 ; and in "Masters in Art," 1901.

WATTEAU, JEAN ANTOINE. 1684-1721. French. Some Chief Works: Judgment of Paris ; Clowns. Biographies by Mollett, 1883 Rosenberg (in German) ; Staley, 1902; and in "Masters in Art," 1903.

WATTS, GEORGE FREDERICK. 1817-1904. English. Some Chief Works: Life's Illusion ; Sir Galahad ; Love and Death ; Hope ; Judgment of Paris ; Fata Morgana ; The Angel of Death. Biographies by Barrington, 1905; Bateman, 1901; Chesterton, n.d.; Macmillan, 1903; Schleinitz, 1904 (in German) ; and in "Masters in Art," 1905.

WEST, BENJAMIN. 1738-1820. American. Some Chief Works: Death of General Wolfe ; Death on the Pale Horse ; Christ Healing the Sick. Biography by Jackson, 1900.

WHISTLER, JAMES ABBOT MCNEILL. 1834-1903. English. Some Chief Works: The Artist's Mother ; Portrait of T. Carlyle ; Sets of Etchings of Paris ; The Thames ; Venice. Biographies by Bell, 1904 ; Cary, 1907 ; Duret, 1904 (in French) ; Eddy, 1903; Menpes, 1904 ; Way, 1904.

WILKIE, SIR DAVID. 1785-1841. Scottish. Some Chief Works: The Blind Peddler ; Rent Day ; Rabbit on the Wall ; Cotter's Saturday Night; Duncan Gray ; Blind Man's Buff. Biographies by Bayne, 1903; Cunningham, 1843; Gower, 1902; Mollett, 1881; Pinnington, n.d.

ZEUXIS, flourished about 430400 B.C. Greek. Some Famous Works; Helen ; Infant Hercules ; Zeus in the Assembly of the Gods.

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