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The Revolution In Turkey

( Originally Published 1910 )

THE bloodless revolution which saw the Young Turks in the ascendant at the close of 1908, inaugurated a new era of constitutional rule in Turkey. The year 1909 was, however, but young, when a crisis in the new Ottoman Parliament was indicated by the resignation of Kianil Pasha, of the office of Grand Vizier ; Hilmi Pasha succeeded to the position vacated, but before long other signs showed that a schism was at work between the Old Turks and the new party. The soldiers were bribed and corrupted to throw off their allegiance to the ruling power, and early in April reaction was everywhere in evidence.

Amidst all the turmoil, the Young Turks never faltered in courage. Even when Constantinople was in the hands of the reactionists and their leader, Major Evan Bey was far away in Berlin, they stood firm In this spirit they mobilised the loyal troops at Salonica, and marched on the capital. With dramatic swiftness they regained control of the government ; the barracks were taken, and the Sultan, who had proved false to his trust, surrendered himself a prisoner in his palace the Yildiz Kiosk. Thus was terminated the political career of lust and cruelty of Abdul Hamid, and the new era was confirmed in Turkey.

The deposition of the Shah of Persia has been another remarkable event of the year. His youthful successor, whose portrait is given opposite, is said to have wept when he heard he was to be made Shah.

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