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The Atlantic Records

( Originally Published 1910 )

WHEN some few years back the blue-ribbon of the Atlantic service for speed was captured by a German liner, the English Steamship Companies were put on their mettle, with the result that the twin-mammoth boats, the Mauretania and the Lusitania were constructed.

Since they were launched record after record has been broken, and now, with the opening of the new port of call at Fishguard, it is possible to make the journey from London to New York within five and a half days.

The Mauretania made the first trip from Fishguard in four days eleven and a half hours, at an average speed of 25.87 knots an hour. This speeding up of the Atlantic service is made all the more remarkable when we compare the time now taken with what was the case in days gone by. In the diagram below will be seen the approximate positions that vessels would have reached on the Atlantic voyage in years gone by, commencing with the year 1838, in the same time as the Cunard giants now do the complete trip. Thus the Sirius, in the year 1838, took nearly four times as long as the Mauretania on her recent record trip.

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