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The York Pageant

( Originally Published 1910 )

JULY 26-31.

THE historic pageant at York was one of many which have been held during the past few years ; indeed it might be said that every considerable town in England with a history has either carried through or contemplated this form of revival of the past. The period covered by the York Pageant was upwards of 2,000 years. Trojan, Roman, Dane, Saxon, Norman were all represented in the pictorial episodes. Prominence was given to the Roman period in which Eboracum flourished, and bore the proud title of Roma or " Other Rome." The pageant concluded with a final tableau magnificently conceived :

Emperors of Rome attend her ; look upon the stately line, Hadrian, Severus, Geta, Caracalla, Constantine !

See the soldiers, singers, dancers—toys of pleasure, tools of power. Slaves, whose life was but a shadow, phantoms of the fleeting hour All their greatness, all their meanness, like a living scroll unfurled. Painted with the sins and splendours of a slowly dying world !

Turn we from them !
Let us look on things that are !
Who is this, enthroned, majestic ?
York herself, of form sublime.

Thronged about with countless children, of one name, in many a clime.

And of these the first and fairest, with the star-sprent banner dight, 'Twixt Pacific and Atlantic guards the gateways of the Night !

The chorus sings a triumph song of York, in which all the Yorks from every part of the world, led by New York, take their place and render homage to the mother city.

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