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Kent The Champion County

( Originally Published 1910 )

FOR the second time in the course of four years Kent succeeded in carrying off the County Championship. Their record during the past season was a very fine one.

Matches played 26; won 16; lost 2; drawn 8.

Their closest rival was Lancashire, which county scored ten points to their fourteen. The result was a great triumph for Kent individually and collectively. The team had one black week, at Tonbridge in the middle of June, when they lost matches in succession to Worcestershire and Lancashire.

J. R. Mason was top of the batting averages with twelve innings played, a total score of 738 runs, and an average for the county of 73.8. He scored three hundreds in succession.

Blythe proved to be the best all round bowler in England, and did fine work for his county. Carr also met with good success. Their records read as follows :

Overs. Maidens Runs. Wickets. average.

Blythe 1040.1 294 2506 178 14.07

Carr 303 72 725 51 14.21

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