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Zeppelin III. And The Clement-bayard Airships

( Originally Published 1910 )

WHILST attention during 1909 has been generally centred on the development of the heavier than air flying machine, some remarkable results have been achieved by dirigible balloonists. The most noteworthy flights have been made by Count Zeppelin. One of these took place at the end of August, when he visited the city of Berlin, being received by the Emperor and the citizens with the greatest enthusiasm.

So satisfied is the Count with the progress he has made in the construction of his dirigibles, that he proposes to inaugurate an Airship Passenger Service between Berlin and other towns in the Spring of 1910.

Although the French have not been so successful in their experiences with the dirigible during the present year, they have nevertheless built some magnificent airships. The " Clément-Bayard," illustrated on opposite page, received

much attention, and great things were anticipated from this balloon. Unfortunately, during a trial ascent the vessel was wrecked in the river Seine. A still greater disaster befell the military war balloon " République," which collapsed in mid-air during a journey to the headquarters of the Military Manoeuvres, with the result that all the crew lost their lives.

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