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Doncaster And Blackpool

( Originally Published 1910 )

IN the third week of October flying meetings were held in England at Doncaster and Blackpool, and attended by enormous numbers of spectators. Both suffered from unfavourable weather, especially Doncaster.

At Blackpool, Mr. Henry Farman won the 2,000 purse with a flight of forty-seven miles, 1,184 yards, in 1 hour, 32 mins., 16 secs. He established, in addition, the English Record of thirty miles, 1,577 yards in a storm, under the new rules.

Flying at juvisy, Doncaster and Blackpool.

Colonel Cody, after making many successful flights on Laffan's Plain, proceeded to the Doncaster Meeting. Misfortune, however, attended the flights, his machine being considerably damaged on more than one occasion.

M. Latham performed a noteworthy feat at Blackpool on Friday, October 22nd. In the teeth of a gale of wind, estimated at forty miles an hour, he ran his monoplane out on the course, and succeeded in flying twice round at a height of fifty feet. The fight with the elements was most enthralling to the spectators, and indicated the great advance that had been made in controlling such machines in rough weather.

On the last day of the Doncaster meeting M. Delagrange succeeded in establishing a new world's record for speed, covering 1 mile 1,543 yards in i min. 47.2 secs., or at the rate of 53 miles 1,543 yards an hour.

Later in the same week M. Paulham gave a brilliant exhibition of flying at Brooklands. One superb flight lasted for 58 mins. 57 secs., during which time he covered a distance of thirty-four miles and rose to a height of 720 feet.

On November 1st, M. Paulhan eclipsed this performance by a flight of 96 miles in z hours 49 mins. 20 secs.

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