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The Rheims Aviation Week

( Originally Published 1910 )

THE Rheims Aviation Meeting held during the last week of August attracted acted world-wide attention. Following as it did close upon Blériot's flight across the English Channel, public enthusiasm in the new science was everywhere manifest. Even such busy politicians as Mr. Lloyd George and Sir Henry Norman gave up a week-end to witness the flying. The meeting opened in bad weather, but in spite of this many memorable results were achieved, and in the evening the spectators witnessed nine aeroplanes in the air at the same time. The following days saw even greater things, and immense crowds attended to witness the flying.

The Grand Prix of £2,000, the blue ribbon of the meeting, for the longest flight, was won by M. Farman, who accomplished 112 miles. He also carried off the passenger prize of £400 for carrying passengers at the greatest speed.

M. Latham won the second prize (1,000) for the second longest flight (96 miles), and the first prize for the highest altitude (30o feet).

M. Paulhan was third in the Grand Prix, accomplishing 83 miles.

Mr. Curtiss, an American competitor, won the Gordon Bennett Cup in the speed contest, at a rate of over 47 miles per hour, covering 12 miles in 15 min. 50 secs., and the speed prize for a flight of 181 miles in 26 min. 4o secs.

M. Blériot was second in the Gordon Bennett Cup, and the trophy for a speed of 12i miles in 15 mins. 56 secs.

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