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The Marquis Of Ripon, 1827-1909

( Originally Published 1910 )

GEORGE FREDERICK SAMUEL ROBINSON, R.G., first Marquis of Ripon, who died July 9th, was one of the few remaining links with Gladstone in his prime. He himself was one of the " Old Guard," having served in many administrations. He entered the House of Commons as M.P. for Hull in 1852. On his elevation to the House of Lords on the death of his father in 1859, he was appointed Under-Secretary for War. He afterwards held the position of Secretary of State for War 1863 to 1866, Secretary of State for India 1866, Lord

President of Council 1868 to 1873. First Lord of the Admiralty 1886, Secretary for the Colonies 1892 to 1895. From 188o to 1884 he acted as Governor-General for India and showed great sagacity in dealing with the problems affecting the welfare of the people.

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