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Sir Gilbert Parker, M.P. (extract From Article In The World, October 19th.)

( Originally Published 1910 )


THE visit to England of representatives of the Press from all parts of the Empire in the early days of June, was a memorable event, and evoked a sympathetic welcome from their colleagues in the home-land. Important conferences were held at which questions affecting the Empire as a whole were discussed. Not the least important of these were the subjects of Imperial Defence and Closer Communication within the Empire. A round of hospitality was enjoyed, which closed with a visit to the Fleet in the Solent.

Lord Rosebery, who was the principal speaker at the banquet which preceded the Conference, in the course of an eloquent speech, referred to the Naval Expenditure of the Great Powers in the following terms :

" When I see this bursting out of navies every-where, when I see one country alone asking for twenty-five millions of extra taxation for warlike preparation, when I see the absolutely unprecedented sacrifices which are asked from us on the same ground, I do begin to feel uneasy at the outcome of it all, and wonder where it will stop, or if it is nearly going to bring back Europe into a state of barbarism, or whether it will cause a catastrophe in which the working men of the world will say, ` We will have no more of this madness, this foolery which is grinding us to powder. "

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