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General Botha's Farewell Message

( Originally Published 1910 )

SPEAKING to Reuter's representative at Southampton just before sailing for South Africa on September 26th, General Botha said that South Africa was grateful to all political parties in Great Britain who contributed towards passing the Union Act. As one of the delegates he wished specially, on behalf of the Transvaal, to express their gratitude to the King. to the Government, and to the British people for their valuable assistance and co-operation and for their cordial sympathy. He was certain that the trust which had once more been placed in them could only result in binding the bonds between South Africa and the Mother Country more closely.

He continued :

" The outlook has never appeared more hopeful or bright, and I have the greatest confidence in the future development and prosperity of South Africa.

Leave South Africa alone ; let the curtain be drawn over the miseries of the past ; forget us for a while and give us a chance of solving our difficulties ourselves. I know that the British people are anxious that a strong and healthy nation should grow up in South Africa, and we in South Africa have firmly resolved, after the blood and tears of the past, to build up such a nation—a nation of which the Mother Country will be justly proud. Both the white races in South Africa require nothing to-day but a policy of mutual forbearance—of conciliation, and co-operation. Imbued with this spirit and policy I am returning to my native land."

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