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Princess Juliana Of The Netherlands.

( Originally Published 1910 )

IF ever a child was born to be the darling of a nation, it was the Princess Juliana of Holland. When the joyful news was proclaimed from the Royal Palace on April 30th, by a salute of fifty-one rounds, delight shone in every face at the Hague. Before the guns had ceased firing, as if by magic, everyone was wearing an orange favour in honour of the event.

The enthusiasm of the Dutch for the House of Orange-Nassau is founded on the association of that family with the history of the nation during the past three hundred years. Ever since William the Silent liberated the Nether-lands from the yoke of Spain in 165o, the House of Orange has taken a foremost place in the moulding of the history of Holland. It has been said that no Royal House in Europe is more broadly based on the will of the people. It is equally true to say that in no country is patriotism more evident in the life and thought of the people.

The picture of Queen Wilhelmina and her child, which illustrates the opposite page, is from a photograph by the Prince Consort.

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