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George Meredith

( Originally Published 1910 )

Died May 18, 1909.

George Meredith, Poet and Novelist, was one of the Titans who made the nineteenth century a famous epoch in the history of our literature. He was born in the year 1828. in Hampshire. and was educated at home and in Germany. Like so many men destined for a literary career in early life he studied " law." which he soon quitted. He first came before the world as a poet. publishing. in 1851, a volume containing the magical " Love in a Valley."

HEARTLESS she is as the shadow in the meadow.

Flying to the hills on a blue and breezy noon.
No, she is athirst and drinking up her wonder :
Earth to her is young as the slip of the new moon.
Deals she an unkindness, 'tis but her rapid measure,
Even as in a dance ; and her smile can heal no less :
Like the swinging May-cloud that pelts the flowers with hailstones
Off a sunny border, she was made to bruise and bless.

From " Love in a Valley."

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