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The Martyrdom Of Jeanne D'arc

( Originally Published 1910 )

WITHOUT any formal secular sentence, the Bailiff of Rouen waved his hand, saying, ` Away with her.' She was led to the central scaffold. She climbed it as bravely as she had climbed the scaling-ladders at Orleans and Jargean. She asked for a cross to gaze upon in her agonies. An Englishman made a little cross of two pieces of a staff, and gave it to her. Devoutly she received it and kissed it, crying aloud on the Crucified. Then she placed it in her bosom. She next prayed Massien to bring the cross from the church that she might look on it through the smoke. She long embraced it, and held it while she was being chained to the stake. She was heard saying, ` Ah Rouen, I fear greatly that thou may'st have to suffer for my death ! '

" Last, with a great voice she called ` Jesus.' Her head dropped, and the Daughter of God went home to her Father's House. Her heart, cor cardium, was unconsumed."

From " The Maid of France," by ANDREW LANG.

The picture on opposite page is from the painting by George joy in the Luxembourg at Paris.

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